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Email in the Cloud: A Google Apps Case Study

Are you frustrated with your current email system, or find it’s costing too much to maintain? Thinking of moving some stuff to the cloud but not sure where to start? Interested in Google Apps but not sure how it would fit in your organization?

Tips for Creating Low-to-No Cost Videos for Nonprofits

By: Zahra Leonie Baptiste, Guest Blogger

A lot of non-profits are a bit intimidated by the idea of venturing into the video world, primarily due to fears about the cost. You don't have to hire a production studio, and you don't have to rent or buy expensive equipment. You can actually do it for no money at all! Here's how.

3 Tools to Help Your Nonprofit with Content Curation

 By: Dalia Hashim, Content Gal from Sniply

The days of traditional marketing are numbered. Long gone are the days of solely relying on website advertisements to get the word out there about your product or cause. Instead, marketers today recognize that marketing is an act of mutual benefit, you must provide the customer with a benefit that will in turn prompt them to click on the link that you've provided. You are able to market your product by showing the reader that you will consistently provide them with relevant content. This, in a nutshell, is what content marketing is and its importance stems from its ability to create loyal followers for your content and brand. 

5 Project Management Tools for Nonprofits

Here at Proofhub, we believe project management softwares can help nonprofits balance their work more effectively. These feature-rich programs come with management and collaboration tools that are designed to keep tasks systematic and organized, making it easier to people to collaborate, track and complete their projects.

CMS Crash Course

Content management systems (CMS) are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to create, publish and maintain a website. We invited Andy McIlwain (Content Director at SIDEKICK) to lead a CMS Crash Course for nonprofits at Toronto Net Tuesday and this post summarizes the key takeaways from this event.

Three Ways to Maximize Impact: Know Your Tech Capacity, Share Your Skills, and Be Mobile Friendly

Looking for knowledge sharing and best-practices as a result of this consultation, the summary report TIG released shows that organizations largely lack confidence in their technological capacity to address stakeholder needs and view increased sectoral collaboration and mobile strategy development as solutions to work towards by 2017.  Do these three points extend beyond the TIG community? My guess is yes, and that even small steps towards addressing these concerns can go a long way for the nonprofits and charities in Canada to increase their confidence.

What Is A Hybrid Cloud and How Can It Help My Nonprofit Organization?

Often, when we first meet NPOs who are interested in migrating to the Cloud, the most common question we hear is, “where do I start?”. With so many options on the market, the choices can be overwhelming – should NPOs choose a Public Cloud, a Private Cloud or a combination of both? In this article, we will address this question as well as introduce the idea of a Hybrid Cloud for NPOs.

Top 10 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Consider VoIP

While most nonprofits know that they can get their email and CRM from the cloud, it’s not as well known that there are cloud-based options for your telephone service as well. These cloud-based phone options are called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It’s essentially a telephone service delivered through your Internet connection, instead of a phone line.

Case Study: Moving Email to the Cloud

Community Living North Halton (CLNH) uses Google to host their emails and no, they don’t end with

What Wearing Dresses Taught Us About Facebook

I have a confession: I have no idea how Facebook works.

I know how it technically works - what post types are, how to schedule posts, how to analyze Facebook data - but I don’t know how to ensure TechSoup Canada’s posts make it to our followers’ newsfeeds. Our goal on Facebook is to educate nonprofits on the effective use of technology and we do this by sharing valuable content and resources on nonprofit tech. However if our posts do not appear on our followers’ newsfeeds, no one will be able to benefit from the content.