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Chimp 101 - Empower Your Online Donors Your Way

Editor’s note: This month, TechSoup Canada is looking at ways to help with your year-end fundraising campaigns, so we asked Chimp to provide some information about the service they offer.

Canada is full of world changers -- and each one gives in a way that fits their unique giving personality.

Chimp helps charities by offering practical tools that match individual, group and organizational giving preferences.

Intuit expands eligibility for faith-based organizations

Good news! Intuit has expanded the eligibility for their popular accounting software, QuickBooks, to include faith-based organizations that were previously ineligible! As you may know, we work hard with our donor partners to open eligibility to as many groups as possible, so we are delighted to be expanding Intuit eligibility to faith-based organizations.

#GivingTuesday Checklist - Make Sure You're Ready to Go!

With just 23 days till #GivingTuesday, your nonprofit's plan for December 2nd should be aligning. However, we know all too well that priorities can slip and organization's can lose track of the tasks at hand, so here's a handy checklist for you to use, leading up to December 2.

How to Work Effectively with Google Apps

You heard about cloud computing, about how effective and efficient it is, but you’re not sure how to actually implement it into your day-to-day work? Or perhaps you received a donation of Google for Nonprofits, but are just learning the basics of Google apps?

Canadian privacy law, cloud computing and how it applies to nonprofits

Cloud computing has many exciting benefits for nonprofits, but it also raises some questions about privacy. Since I often get asked about the privacy implications of the cloud for Canadian nonprofits and charities, I’ll share what I’ve learned so far in this blog. Most of what I'm sharing here is the legal context which is helpful for understanding the environment, but it might not be the detail you need to make a specific decision.

Your Nonprofit Needs a Wiki: How to Revitalize Your Knowledge Management

Does your nonprofit have turnover in volunteers or staff that sometimes results in lost organizational knowledge? Do you have remote staff or volunteers emailing each other for basic instructions or process guidelines? Does onboarding new staff or volunteers take time because instructions can be hard to remember or documentation becomes easily outdated?

5 Tips for Arts Groups on Social Media (With Examples)

With audiences - especially young people - moving online, arts groups are using social media as a channel for audience development and relationship building. How can arts organizations take full advantage of these online channels in ways  that are truly engaging, authentic and social?

Toronto Net Tuesday Recap: Digital Storytelling

On September 9th a crowd gathered at CSI Spadina to hear presentations from Kate Hodgson of iKommunications on an Intro to Digital Storytelling and from Chris DePaul of the Centre for Social Innovation, presenting a case study on how the Centre for Social Innovation dealt with the recent Facebook algorithm changes.

Storytelling for Success: A Look at Three Crowdfunding Campaigns

What draws you to one crowdfunding campaign over another? Is it an inspiring video? Cool photos? A great story? Perhaps it is a combination of a few different storytelling elements. Our Storymakers 2014 challenge kicks off August 26, so to get you inspired, I've compiled some great examples of digital storytelling in crowdfunding campaigns.

6 Storytelling Elements to Help You Create Better Content

While the emergence of new technologies and social media networks has made it easier than ever to find your audience, it has also complicated the process by which nonprofits plan campaigns and strategies. With so much content available, people are turning away from lackluster content and searching for something more. But what are they looking for?