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Digital Storytelling

5 Design Trends: 2016 is the Year of User Experience

Making predictions for the future is key to success, especially within the face-paced tech industry. Each year, TechSoup Canada predicts key tech and web design trends that will affect nonprofits the most. It’s our prediction that 2016 will be the year of user experience design. 

6 Storytelling Elements to Help You Create Better Content

While the emergence of new technologies and social media networks has made it easier than ever to find your audience, it has also complicated the process by which nonprofits plan campaigns and strategies. With so much content available, people are turning away from lackluster content and searching for something more. But what are they looking for?

Adobe Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop

If you're going to work more effectively with images and don't already have an image-editing tool, you might consider Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. This newly updated image- and video-editing bundle runs on Windows machines or Macs, and is now available to eligible nonprofits, charities, and libraries through TechSoup Canada.

Tell your stories on social media. It’s easy!

A trauma hospital in war-torn Syria seems an unlikely spot to be posting about your day on Facebook. Yet that’s exactly what Canadian doctor Anne Marie Pegg did for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on International Women’s Day with the help of staff in its Canadian office. 

3 Great Examples of Digital Storytelling at Work

We spent the month of April talking about digital storytelling, and I’ve been struck by the many different and creative ways that nonprofits are using video, photos and other online tools & channels to share stories. In this post I wanted to share a few of my favourite examples that I’ve come across.

TechSoup Canada’s Round-up of Awesome Storytelling Tools and Resources

In this blog post you will find great resources on storytelling, free tools and more!

April 2013 is Digital Storytelling month! Learn to share your story online

There’s nothing like a story to get your message across. When I’m trying to understand what a nonprofit does, I find mission statements are often vague and hard to understand, and numbers on their own are dry and lifeless. It’s stories that really paint a picture of what you do and of the change you are bringing about - whether you’re reaching out to someone who’s never heard about you, or to one of your most dedicated donors.

Telling a compelling story - the Canadian way

When you have such a good handle on the ways in which you are saving the world and why your cause is important, it can be hard to remember that other people might not see it the same way. This is why storytelling has always been such a key skill for nonprofits, because to really be effective we need to engage with a network of donors, volunteers and other types of supporters.

What would you do with 6 Flip Video Cameras? Nonprofits share their ideas

I posted a blog last week about Flip cams in honour of the launch of our Flip Video donations program. In the post I included some suggestions for what you could do with Flip cams as well as a video made by People for Education with their Flip cam - but the ideas just keep pouring in!

Tips for Creating Low-to-No Cost Videos for Nonprofits

By: Zahra Leonie Baptiste, Guest Blogger

A lot of non-profits are a bit intimidated by the idea of venturing into the video world, primarily due to fears about the cost. You don't have to hire a production studio, and you don't have to rent or buy expensive equipment. You can actually do it for no money at all! Here's how.