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Cloud Tools

Jane vs. Tierney: Team Jane Reviews Google Forms

There are a lot of free survey tools out there, but Google Forms takes the cake. It’s free, easy to use, integrates with Google apps, supports unlimited amounts of surveys, survey pages, questions and virtually unlimited form submissions. Survey themes for Google Forms are somewhat lacking but still plentiful, and it’s easy to share the survey to participants.

5 Simple, Free Ways to Send Large Files

If you need to transfer large files, such as .PSD (Photoshop), .AI (Illustrator) or video, to someone outside of your nonprofit, what do you use? You may be tempted to say “email of course!” but email clients generally have a file limit of 10 to 100mb for email attachments. If your file exceeds this limit, email is not a viable option.

Cloud Tools for Facilitating Feedback on Design

If there’s a task to be done, you can bet there’s a cloud solution for it. We’ve already looked several cloud tools for document collaboration, project management, and office administration, but for this post we’re going to look at a very specific task that your marketing team will always do: getting staff feedback on designs.

Jane vs. Tierney: Cloud tools for Office Administration

Are you frustrated with how your email works (or doesn’t)? Is your server getting old and clunky? Do you wish that you could access all your files easily from home, or on the road, while still keeping everything secure?

These are everyday challenges faced by many nonprofits in Canada - and since email and documents are something you need to access a daily basis, not having good systems results in a lot of productivity loss over the long term. That’s why this edition of Jane vs. Tierney will focus on online productivity suites that will address these challenges: in particular, Google Apps for Business and Microsoft’s Office 365 for Nonprofits.

Are You Ready for Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits?

Is your staff spread across several locations? Do you have a limited budget for IT support like installations and upgrades? Are your staff and volunteers requesting to work from personal devices, such as their smartphones or tablets? Your nonprofit or charity might be ready to migrate to the cloud. But you might also have some trepidation about going completely online, especially if you're working with sensitive information. Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits allows you to have both: the full capabilities and secure environment of installed software with the collaborative, anywhere availability of the cloud.

Jane vs. Tierney: Jane's review of Zoho Reports

This review is part of the Jane vs Tierney series. Find out what it's all about and check out our previous challenges on email newsletters, online event registration, document collaboration and team project management. This review is part of our fifth challenge, on dashboard tools.

Jane vs. Tierney: Jane's Smartsheet review

Jane vs Tierney 2013
Are you the type of person that keeps all of your tasks in a spreadsheet, or use Excel to manage your projects? Maybe you have looked at other project management tools but found it to be too cumbersome and requires a steep learning curve. If so, you might want to consider Smartsheet.

Jane vs. Tierney: Tierney's Huddle Review

Jane vs Tierney 2013

Is your organization working for a better way to coordinate your work in an online, flexible way? In this Jane vs. Tierney review on project management tools, I’ll be looking at Huddle.

Jane vs. Tierney: The Team Project Management Challenge

Jane vs Tierney 2013
Do you find that you’re wasting time when working with others - sending files back and forth, looking for buried emails that contained important information, keeping track of who’s working on what? Maybe this is happening internally, or with your board, or between branches. Since most nonprofits rely primarily on email (or paper), almost everyone has this problem. In this review, we’re going to take a look at software for team project management/collaboration that will help you out with these issues.

How I went completely paperless (with help from my iPad)

When I was just about to start my PhD program in Management at the University of Guelph, I had heard horror stories from friends and colleagues about the number of academic articles that I would need to print, read and annotate. I though that maybe I could do my entire PhD without printing out a single academic article, maybe I could do it all electronically without negatively impacting my productivity.