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Toronto Net Tuesday Recap: Project Management in the Cloud

In a broad sense, project management is a part of many roles in a nonprofit - your job title doesn’t need to have “Project Manager” in it to need these skills. Whether you have to coordinate content to go on your website, organize fundraising events, schedule programs & services or manage volunteers, the basics of project management apply. To be successful you will have to break a big task down into smaller tasks, manage resources and make sure all the work gets done on time.

Reach for the Cloud with Microsoft Services

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During the month of October, join TechSoup Canada and the TechSoup Global Network for our Cloud Computing Worldwide campaign. Check back throughout the month for blog posts, webinars, and dispatches from around the world on cloud computing for nonprofits, NGOs, and public libraries.

Google Apps Boot Camp Recap

Yesterday we tried a new type of event - a Boot Camp, focusing around a specific tool and how it can be used. We decided to focus on Google Apps, a tool that we at TechSoup Canada have found very useful internally and we think is a good option to consider for many nonprofits.

Six Views of Project-Management Software

What applications – and kinds of applications – can help you manage projects?

This article was adapted by TechSoup

By: Laura S. Quinn

May 21, 2010

A Few Good Online Survey Tools for Your Nonprofit

Out of free, low-cost, and advanced online survey tools, one will be right for your nonprofit

By: Idealware

March 1, 2011

CRM in the Cloud: Right for Your Organization?

Internet-based constituent relationship tools can save money and the environment for your nonprofit or library

This article was adapted from TechSoup

By: Elliot Harmon

October 25, 2010

A Few Good Tools for Sharing Files with Distributed Groups

Software for viewing and collaborating on documents

This article was adapted from TechSoup

March 17, 2008

Web Conferencing Tools: Right for You?

How to pick a package that meets your nonprofit's needs

Editor's Note: This article was adapted from TechSoup Global and updated as of January, 2010 by Kate Heryford, Symantec Lab intern,
and was first published November 2006.

Brian Satterfield

February 12, 2010

Free, Easy Ways to Add a Calendar to Your Website

If you want to keep friends of your organization up-to-date on events, meetings, and deadlines, adding a calendar to your website is a must. But who has time to design and build a calendar by hand? Fortunately, there’s no need to do that, since numerous online tools make it easy to build, update, and publish a professional calendar on your nonprofit’s website. All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser, and a bit of spare time.

Visual Presentations Made Easy

Do you need to put together an organization chart? Need a flowchart for training new employees and volunteers about a certain work process? How about a map of your computer network? Or maybe you want to distribute your notes from a recent brainstorming session in an attractive, easy-to-read visual format?