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Guess what? We have Office 2016

The newest version of Office is now available as a donation through TechSoup!

Tech Impact’s Office 365 DIY Migration Program Now Available for Nonprofits

Office 365 DIY Migration Workshop by Tech Impact is a series of live instructional webinars designed to guide organizations, or an organization’s IT staff, through the process of migrating their existing email, calendar, and contact management systems to Microsoft Office 365 [using mail management tools].

Why Your Nonprofit Should Have its Head in the “Cloud”

Over the past few years, cloud solutions have grown in popularity, resulting in an increase of free and affordable cloud tools. While many Canadian nonprofits have reservations and been slower in adopting the cloud (mostly due to lack of resources and data privacy concerns), it’s important to recognize that more companies are moving or integrating their programs and services to the cloud. Now more than ever, your nonprofit needs to understand what cloud computing is all about so you can be as as agile, resilient and scalable as you can!

A Nonprofit's Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Email Threats

Technology and the Internet have revolutionized the way nonprofits communicate and work with their volunteers, donors and supporters. While this has proved extremely beneficial for nonprofits and charities alike, it can also make your organization vulnerable to online predators. The best defense against online threats  is to educate your nonprofit’s staff and volunteers on safe computer practices, starting with email protection.

Introducing Box’s New Discount Program for Nonprofits

We’re excited to announce our latest technology donor partner, Box! Box is a cloud platform that helps you securely store, share and manage all your company's files. From file-sharing to content management to collaboration, Box can help your nonprofit do more with your content.

A Nonprofit's Guide to Creating and Managing Strong Passwords

Why are passwords important to my nonprofit?

How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Propel Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit interested in tech, you’ve probably heard the term Microsoft Office 365 more than once. Whether you’re familiar with it or not, Microsoft Office 365 is a key tool for nonprofits, allowing the full capabilities of installed software, as well as the collaborative, on and offline accessibility of the cloud.

To help us showcase how your nonprofit can benefit from Office 365, we got together with a few partners from Microsoft Canada, Canadian Cancer Society and MessageOps to hold a webinar. This blog post summarizes the key takeaways from the webinar, including:

Learn the ABCs of Online Security Threats

Note: This blog post was originally written by TechSoup Global. This post has been adapted and expanded for a Canadian audience by TechSoup Canada. 

Online dangers and security hazards are bad enough, but understanding what they all mean is enough to give you a headache. DDoS? XSS? MITM? OMG. It’s enough to confuse anyone. We’ll help you get the gist of what all these security threats mean, and tell you how you can protect yourself and your organization.

A Nonprofit's Guide to Antivirus Software and Malicious Program Defence

As you may recall from our first post in the Internet security series, we reviewed safe online practices for your nonprofit. In this second installment of the series, we are going to delve deeper and showcase key antivirus software to protect your nonprofit and how to avoid harmful malware.

What malicious programs should my nonprofit beware of?

Malicious programs on the Internet are generally referred to as "malware", and can come in two general classes.

How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Pitch for Your Nonprofit

Presentations and pitches are a common aspect of most nonprofit jobs. Whether you’re pitching to potential funders or presenting to your supporters, public speaking is an all too familiar job requirement. However, just because you’re a frequent public speaker doesn’t mean you’re comfortable doing it. Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is one of the top phobias in the world. Or maybe you don’t mind speaking publicly, but you’re looking to improve your presentation skills. In either case, today we will review some useful strategies to transform your presentations and pitches.