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Crowdfunding: How it Works, Why it Works and How You Can Make it Work For You

As a nonprofit you are likely on the lookout for new ways to improve your fundraising efforts. Crowdfunding can be that revolutionary method to transform your fundraising practices. Many nonprofits and charitable organizations worldwide are already benefitting from this essential tool.

We invited Brady Josephson from Chimp and Peer Giving to lead a webinar on how nonprofits and charitable organizations can get the most out of their crowdfunding campaigns. This blog posts summarizes the key takeaways from the webinar, including:

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits - An Essential Guide to Improving Your Fundraising Efforts

Over the last decade, the rise in crowdfunding has transformed the fundraising experience. It seems almost daily you learn about other nonprofits that have used crowdfunding to surpass their campaign goals. This might have even inspired you to undertake a crowdfunding campaign of your own. Whether you’re interested in how crowdfunding can help your nonprofit or you’re looking to revolutionize your crowdfunding campaign, you’ve come to the right place.

Social Media 101: Using LinkedIn for Your Nonprofit

LinkedIn is a social network designed for businesses and work professionals.  It allows individual users to create an employment profile (basically a virtual resume), search for and apply for jobs, and read and discuss developments in the working world.  They can also connect with other people they know and endorse each other's credentials.  Businesses can also create pages to show off company information and recruit users online.  For more on what LinkedIn is about, check out this LinkedIn article.

Social Media 101: Using Pinterest for Your Nonprofit is a website that lets you create and manage collections of information that you find on Pinterest or the Internet at large, or that you upload to Pinterest yourself. The catch is that everything on Pinterest has to have a visual attached to it: a photo, drawing, animation, or video. Individual pieces of information on Pinterest are called "pins", which are organized into custom categories that you create called "boards". For a more detailed explanation of Pinterest and how people use it, check out this Pinterest article.

Photoshop for Nonprofits: Part 5

Ready to wrap this up? Great! The only thing left to do to complete our poster is to add the nonprofit organization's logo. This logo file was available in part 1, but for the sake of convenience, you can download it here, too.

Photoshop for Nonprofits: Part 4

Welcome back! So far we've cleaned up the image and added our header text. Now, we'll add the body text and the white box behind it. But first, let's talk about layers.

Photoshop for Nonprofits: Part 3

Let's dive right in. You've no doubt picked up everything you needed in Part 1 and cleaned the image in Part 2. (If you haven't, go ahead. We'll wait.)

We now move on to adding the header.

Huddle Improves Team Collaboration for CERIC

Imagine trying to get feedback on a document. You attach the file to an email, send it to your team and they review the file. Some emailed you directly with input; others replied-all. Now, you have the not-so-efficient task of consolidating everyone’s feedback back into one document.

Sound familiar?

Content Marketing for Nonprofits

Content marketing as a term has been making an appearance recently, but what is it? How can nonprofits apply it to their work? And how is it different from the marketing we’ve been doing all along? Marlene Oliveira joined us for our Toronto Net Tuesday event on Content Management to help us answer these questions. This blog post is a recap of the event.

Photoshop for Nonprofits: Part 2

Welcome back! This guide will walk you through the first steps of how to create the poster from Intro to Photoshop for Nonprofits: Part 1. We've included screenshots for each step, too.