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Alpha Five Version 11 Developer Edition

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Alpha Five Version 11 Developer is a rapid application development system for creating database applications for Windows computers, the web, and mobile devices. Applications can be built either using the built-in database engine or against SQL databases.

Users with little or no programming experience can use Alpha Five's components to develop applications without coding. Some of the major components are:

  • Grid
  • Form
  • Dialog
  • Security
  • Charting

Alpha Five's Xbasic language is available for more complex development.

Version 11 includes the ability to build a single application that will run both on the web and on various mobile devices. It also includes support for the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards currently in development. HTML5 is significant for video content since mobile devices by Apple do not run Flash video but will run HTML5 video.

Benefits for Organizations

Nonprofits, charities and libraries in need of database-driven applications can develop them in-house. These applications can suit their unique needs and have capabilities not included in commercial applications. Typical uses of applications might be case management or gathering and analyzing feedback.

New Components and Deployment Software Sold Separately

The following components new in version 11 are sold separately and not included in this donation:

  • Image Gallery
  • Video Player
  • Google Map
  • Calendar

Deploying desktop, web, and mobile applications created with Alpha Five requires the following additional software and licenses:

  • Alpha Five Version 11 Runtime (for deploying desktop applications)
  • Alpha Five Version 11 Application Server (for deploying web and mobile applications)

Contact Alpha Software for information on substantial discounts for TechSoup donation recipients: Brett Johnston, email

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Obtaining This Product

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  • Windows computer running one of the operating systems below
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 or later; 32-bit or 64-bit versions