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Digital Storytelling 101: Photos & Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words - making them a powerful tool in your storytelling toolbox. As a great illustration of this, Katya Andersen shared these photos from Common Ground in her My Charity Connects 2011 talk, showing the transformation of Laura, a meth addict, as she moved into housing:

Google Apps Boot Camp Recap

Yesterday we tried a new type of event - a Boot Camp, focusing around a specific tool and how it can be used. We decided to focus on Google Apps, a tool that we at TechSoup Canada have found very useful internally and we think is a good option to consider for many nonprofits.

Posting GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar recordings on YouTube

At TechSoup Canada we use GoToWebinar to run our webinars, and we've been very happy with the tool so far. When we ran our webinar last month (on technology planning for nonprofits) we recorded the session so we could post it and give others access. One small hitch - when we tried to upload the file to YouTube, it just wouldn't work quite right. Here's the story of how we fixed it, as we know that other nonprofits may well find themselves in a similar situation.

Introduction to Technology Planning for Nonprofits

This month's Toronto Net Tuesday was the first in our Technology Planning Series so it was all about introducing the idea of technology planning and sharing experiences.  If there was one big idea from the evening it was this: Technology is a tool, not a solution. Before thinking about technology you need to first understand the people who will be using the tool and their processes.

NetSquared Camp Toronto Highlights & Learning

One of our primary goals at TechSoup Canada is to build technology capacity in the nonprofit sector, so this past October we decided to experiment with a new way of providing this kind of learning opportunity by hosting a one-day unconference-style event called NetSquared Camp Toronto. With 101 participants and 16 sessions, it was a busy and very full day with lots of learning and networking.

A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Nonprofit Content Management Systems

Idealware CMS reportIf you are in the process of building a new website, one of the critical choices you will have to make is which Content Management System (CMS) to use.

Tactical technology planning

This is a recap from a presentation at the Canadian Council for Christian Charities' 2012 conference in Vancouver, given by Holly Ross from NTEN (based on resources from Idealware).

How do you know whether your technology investments are worthwhile? A good technology plan will help keep you in line with your organization's strategic goals. This blog will walk through the main steps involved in creating a tactical tech plan for your organization.

Supporting the Mobile Worker

Many people now use smartphones and tablets in their personal life, but what about work life? The corporate sector has been moving in this direction for many years, but it's less common in the nonprofit sector.

Friday Feed on July 20, 2012: Infographics, volunteer management, memes and more

So I've been slipping a bit when it comes to the Friday Feed, but reading this post from Tools for Change encouraged me to try to post a bit more regularly (since it's been 3 months since the last one, that shouldn't be too hard!). Anyway get excited - I have some great stuff in store for you this week.

Making the Most of Your Email List

Email isn’t dead yet - it’s still an important tool for engaging your supporters. And whether you have an email list of 12 or 120,000, there’s always room for improving how you engage these supporters. At our June Toronto Net Tuesday, Eric Squair joined us to share what he’s learned from years of experience on email campaigns with organizations such as Greenpeace Canada and Make Poverty History. He focused on two main areas: how to grow your email list, and how to keep people reading what you send them.