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10 Tips from Our Top Blogs of 2016

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As we return feeling refreshed from the holidays, we wanted to start the New Year right by learning from our top ten blogs of 2016.

Planning to put on your own webinar? Looking to increase your organic reach on Facebook? We gathered ten tips that will teach you something you can apply to your day-to-day work. We hope you find them useful!

1. Raising awareness about your cause? Avoid "corporate storytelling"

Nonprofits have a unique advantage; people want to support you! Instead of trying to convince potential supporters, let’s communicate the emotions of our stories - and see who it resonates with.

2. Unsure whether an email is a scam? Ask questions only the real person would know

We’ve all been there; you receive a suspicious email, but you feel it could be legitimate. How can you know for sure? Here’s what to look for.

3. Narrow the focus of your blog for the best results

We want our blogs to offer something unique. Identifying your niche and having a clear idea of who reads your blog will help you deliver relevant content.

4. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive

More people access the internet on their mobile phones than on their computer. Why lose potential donors simply because they couldn’t navigate your website? Aquaint yourself with the 8 digital trends affecting nonprofits and prepare your organization today.

5. Use a CMS to effectively build your website with little tech background

Building a website from scratch is costly. Thankfully, you can have a clean, professional website running in hours with Content Management Systems like Wordpress. The best part? You won’t need a tech background to maintain your site.

6. Hosting a webinar? Identify your needs and budget when choosing a platform

How many people will you accommodate? How will your platform handle audio? There are dozens of web conferencing tools, but choosing the right one starts with balancing your needs with your budget.

7. Tap into your natural advantage to increase organic reach on Facebook

You can be successful on Facebook without paid advertising. Finding creative ways to tap into your community’s network or posting about emotional aspects of your work will help engage your Facebook audience.

8. Do you interview other professionals in your work? Use silence to your advantage

People have a subconscious tendency to fill silence, especially in a formal setting like an interview. Allowing silence to linger will cause your interviewees to elaborate on their answers, revealing perspectives you may not have reached otherwise.

9. Back up your data offline and online in the cloud

While most cloud storage providers are reputable and safe, it may not be appropriate to host overly-sensitive information in the cloud. Some funders even require your data be hosted on Canadian soil. Backing up your data on and offline covers your bases, and gives you options.

10. Planning a technology project? Survey your members or employees to understand their pain points

A pain point is an area where your tech is causing inefficiency and frustration. When improving your tech, your solutions need to address them; and it all stems from communicating with your team.