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3 Must-Know Tips for a Successful Google Ads Campaign: Free Webinar

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By: Terry Ibele, Content Manager with Wild Apricot.


Did you know that as a registered nonprofit or charity you are eligible for $10,000/month in Google Adwords?

Awesome, right? So how do you maximize your impact with all these free Google goodies?

In Wild Apricot’s upcoming webinar, Digital Media Managers and Google Partners Jason Shim and Mark Hallman will show you how to kick butt with a super AdWords strategy.

Here are their 3 must-know tips to AdWord success.


1) Understand your audience

Understanding your audience is about asking pointed questions that help you find solutions.

Do you have an intimate understanding of the needs of the audience you’re trying to reach? What might they be searching for? What is likely going through their minds when they first find you? What is happening in their lives that might have sparked their search? 

For example, if you run a sailing club you could build a campaign for individuals who are purchasing a sailboat, instead of targeting those searching for sailing clubs (these people will likely find you anyways). You may also decide to target friends and family of sailing enthusiasts searching for a sailing-themed gift. In this case, a membership to your sailing club could be what they’re looking for.

Quick Tip: Begin with a survey of your current members to understand why they joined your organization.

There are ways to reach new members that you might discover once you begin mapping out your potential audience.


2) Keep it short

You’re probably familiar with Google Ads; they’re the promoted Google search results that appear at the top of the page, like in the example below.

Your ad will only have a few lines of text to display, so you must be concise! Here are Google AdWords’ character limitations:

  • Title Line: 25 characters
  • Description Line: 35 characters
  • Second Description Line: 35 characters
  • URL: 35 characters.

With such limiting character restrictions, you don’t have any room for fluff.  Highlight only the most important features of your organization. 

  • Do you have any special promotions? 
  • Do you have any seasonal offers? 
  • Do you have any trial periods for your membership? 
  • Is it possible to sign up for your organization in 60 seconds? 
  • Perhaps there is an exclusive offer that is time-limited for member and/or volunteers?

As an exercise, describe the key benefits of your organization within the character constraints outlined above. Do it in 10 different ways and then ask someone else to pick the most eye-catching one. It’s tougher than it sounds.

Quick Tip: Conduct a search for organizations similar to yours and see what they’re already saying in their Google Ads.


3) Solve a problem

One common mistake is an ad campaigns that doesn’t fundamentally solve a problem. 

For example, take an ad that says something like “ABC Organization – We are great. Visit our website.” This ad is ineffective because it’s too generic and there’s nothing to compel anyone to click it. Can you imagine a headline like that on the front page of a magazine? Would you want to buy the magazine to learn more? Probably not.


You want to clearly identify a problem you can solve for your audience and craft a focused ad that entices people to click on it. This is called your Call To Action (CTA). It’s the next step someone must complete to get them closer to finding their solution. For your ad, your CTA can be: ‘take advantage of a limited offer’ or ‘learn more about our services’.

More specifically, an ad with a CTA could be: “50% off tickets to our Summer Nonprofit Conference. Sale ends April 5!”

Quick Tip: Analyze what pages on your website already get a lot of traffic and identify what solutions people are finding on that page. Use that information to help you craft your ads.


Now You Know the Basics... Learn Even More! 

To learn more about making the most of Google’s tools for nonprofits, Wild Apricot and Google Ads Experts Jason Shim and Mark Hallman are presenting a free webinar on this topic: How to be a Google Ads SuperHero - for Charities & NonprofitsApril 5th, 3:00pm EDT.

If you want to know more about Jason and Mark’s webinar, check out this awesome intro!

This webinar is part of a larger online series designed specifically for nonprofit leaders, called The Membership Growth Online Summit.

About the Author: Terry Ibele is the Content Manager with Wild Apricot, a membership management software. 

When he's not writing blogs, articles, filming videos, or launching email campaigns, Terry can be found writing science fiction and fantasy for fun.