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3 Tools to Help Your Nonprofit with Content Curation


 By: Dalia Hashim, Content Gal from Sniply

The days of traditional marketing are numbered. Long gone are the days of solely relying on website advertisements to get the word out there about your product or cause. Instead, marketers today recognize that marketing is an act of mutual benefit, you must provide the customer with a benefit that will in turn prompt them to click on the link that you've provided. You are able to market your product by showing the reader that you will consistently provide them with relevant content. This, in a nutshell, is what content marketing is and its importance stems from its ability to create loyal followers for your content and brand. 

Raise Awareness by Curating Content

For nonprofits, content sharing and curation is particularly important since the first step of inspiring action is to get people to be aware of the problem. Therefore, nonprofit marketing is multi-fold - as opposed to most marketing plans which only aim to make the customer aware of their need for their product, a nonprofit must educate the reader first. Martin Luther King, Jr. highlighted this concept multiple times in his speeches, that the first step to change is to make people aware that there is a problem. In this modern day and age, this means sharing videos, articles, pictures and case studies to first raise awareness before you can market your nonprofit brand.

The 5-3-2 ratio of content sharing was crafted to show that out of any given 10 posts you share, there should be 5 curated from others, 3 about the industry written by you, and 2 that are personal. Many experts suggest that at least 50% of everything you publish on social media should be content from others. Not to mention, content creation can be costly and therefore many companies start with content curation as their only social media strategy. This allows your readers to gain a variety of perspectives and not just your own, thus making your social media activity more valuable to readers as it provides an array of content and not just self-promotion.

There are multiple ways to educate the public about your nonprofit’s cause, but the most efficient way is through content curation. Content curation is finding the best content out there on a particular topic and sharing it systematically to readers. In the case of nonprofits, its finding the best content on the importance of their cause, the need to act upon your call to action.

Pro Tip: Here are some apps to use for better content curation.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Content Curation

The next hurdle is guiding the reader back to your website to take action. It is this link that most nonprofits struggle with. It is also the single biggest problem with content curation, because the importance of content curation is rendered moot if the content does not generate traffic back to your website and inspire genuine action. Content curation offers no measurable return on investment.

For this reason we’ve found the best tools that can help you measure the effect of the content you are sharing (all of which can be used for free!):

1. Buffer

Buffer allows you to post to multiple social media platforms at once, as well as schedule when you would like to post. However, Buffer’s main value lies in the analytics it provides you with. Buffer shows you the potential engagement of your post, as well as the engagement your post has garnered. These analytics are particularly valuable for you to be able to see which type of content your readers are interested in and thus be able to cater to that. Buffer also provides you with interesting tips and tools such as the optimal time to post. 

Additionally, Buffer allows you to collaborate with your whole team on social sharing. This in turn can make content curation a task for everyone and not just one designated person in the team. If you find an interesting post or article you can add it to a list of scheduled posts to be shared later on. Buffer allows you to save time on content curation and content sharing.

2. Nimble

Your connection with your readers shouldn’t be limited to a one-way push of information. Part of converting content curation into meaningful numbers is the ability to create a relationship with the reader. This relationship is then your doorway to a loyal donor, advocate or volunteer. Nimble allows you to do just that, through allowing you to easily manage your social media interactions with your contacts across several platforms. Nimble keeps track of the history of contact between you and any given user.

Further, Nimble is able to tell you why any contact is of interest and relevant to you, through shared causes, interests, or industries. Nimble's contact management system is built to empower social media engagement. Monitoring your contact’s entire social stream means you know more, and can act faster.

3. Sniply

Here at Sniply, we value the users clicks and therefore try to make it easy for users to go from your shared content back to your main website. By using a simple iframe, Sniply lets you embed a call-to-action directly into content from others. This call-to-action links to a destination URL of your choosing. With every page you share with Sniply, there is a click-through opportunity. This means that every link you share will have a tangible conversion rate of click-throughs to your destination URL.

So now, instead of simply sharing an article about the serious consequences of the lack of clean water in Haiti, you can now embed a call to action in this article (and every article you share) asking the reader to donate. This call to action can then re-direct the reader to your donations page or to your nonprofit explaining how it provides clean water.

Here is a live example as to how this would work:

Through Sniply, you can now measure the number of click-throughs from everything you share online and whether that was beneficial in redirecting the readers back to your website or donations page. Essentially, you are now more aware and able to test and adjust as to what readers best respond to and find of value.

Try out these different tools and let us know what you think!

About the Author

Dalia has particular interests in startups and content writing. She is fueled by her love of novel ideas as well as the opportunities to share them.  Dalia is the mastermind behind the Sniply blog. If you haven't read it, you should check it out!