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5 Project Management Tools for Nonprofits

Project Management

By: Sharon Thomson, Proofhub

Nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes and have different budgets and missions but there are some basic needs that every nonprofit organization must fulfill in order to sustain its growth. One of the most important needs is fundraising, as without funds, nonprofits would not be able to accomplish much of their social mission. Another important need is the ability to effectively and efficiently perform several administrative activities. Since nonprofits often manage multiple projects and programs all at once, having inefficient work practices will end up wasting valuable time and money -- a luxury most nonprofits can’t afford.

Here at Proofhub, we believe project management softwares can help nonprofits balance their work more effectively. These feature-rich programs come with management and collaboration tools that are designed to keep tasks systematic and organized, making it easier to people to collaborate, track and complete their projects.

While there are hundreds of applications available on the market, including Proofhub, nonprofits need to choose them wisely. It’s important for nonprofits to keep in mind its current organizational needs and future vision before selecting a project management software. This way, nonprofits can gain the most benefit out of the project management software.

Keeping that principle in mind, here are some project management solutions to help your nonprofit get started. With these solutions, you will be better equipped to manage and organize your work and be more productive

1. Zoho Projects

Pricing/Plan: Free option supports 1 project and offers 1 MB of storage space

Why should your nonprofit consider it?: Zoho Projects provides a variety of applications for improved management, collaboration, and productivity by allowing you to manage your projects, teams and volunteers all from one dashboard. Your contacts and projects are kept in a centralized place so you can easily view tasks, notes, meetings and other tasks associated with each contact/team member. You can also create documents, make reports, recruit people, manage relationships, perform bookkeeping related tasks and connect with remote computers.

Nonprofits can use Zoho Projects to schedule online meetings with members, volunteers and other external constituents and use the Notebook feature to collaboratively take notes or work on a document together. Zoho also has a built-in chat feature that nonprofits can use to communicate with staff members in a fast and convenient manner. Zoho also integrates with Google Apps, allowing you to sync your Gmail tasks and files from Google Drive. Overall, Zoho Projects is a solid tool that lets nonprofits work in an organized and productive manner.    

 2. ProofHub

Pricing/Plans: The most cost-effective plan is $15/month and it supports up to 10 projects and offers 1 GB of storage space. For nonprofits, ProofHub gives a 20% discount on all plans. Users can also get an additional 10% discount with annual subscriptions.

Why should your nonprofit consider it?: ProofHub is another handy tool for nonprofits to manage their projects. Documents are stored in a centralized place, so you and your team members can access them at any time. You can assign tasks to various team members and volunteers, view tasks associated with them, and communicate and collaborate with them with built-in chat and discussion feature.

ProofHub is also mobile friendly, so members can work on their projects on the go. Its standalone calendar enables a nonprofit to view all of its events, meetings, deadlines, milestones and other important dates spanning across all its projects at one location. Besides the usual features which are present in almost all other project management tools, ProofHub has some additionals features like Gantt chart, reports, casper mode, timesheets, labels, etc which make project management a walk in the park.

3. Central Desktop

Pricing/Plan: Free option supports 5 users, 2 projects & offers 1 GB of file storage

Why should your nonprofit consider it?: Central Desktop is an online collaboration and project management tool enables nonprofits to communicate and collaborate smoothly on projects by allowing team members to work from one centralized place. You can organize and manage projects and events, share files and documents and easily connect with teams and volunteers using built-in chat and web conference features. With its workspace cloning feature, a workspace already created by a nonprofit can be copied, customized and put to use, saving you time and effort in re-creating it.

 4. Wunderlist

Pricing/Plan: Free but the number of subtasks, files, assignments and conversations are limited.

Why should your nonprofit consider it?: Unlike the other tools on this list, Wunderlist is a robust to-do list management tool. Nonprofits can manage their tasks by creating subtasks and recurring to-dos, set due dates and add reminders so team members do not forget their tasks. You can also receive notifications on projects when they’re updated, print to-dos lists turn emails into action items by forwarding them and capture ideas in notes. Wunderlist can be conveniently accessed from anywhere and from any device, so projects and to-dos can be planned, managed and executed anywhere.

 5. Goplan

Pricing/Plan: The lowest plan starts at $10/month and supports 10 users, 10 projects and offers 10 GB of file storage.

Why should your nonprofit consider it?: With this project management and collaboration tool, nonprofits can organize and track their projects from one dashboard. Tasks can be managed by creating task lists and can be further broken down into subtasks. It also has time tracking so nonprofits will know how much time was spent in completing each task/project. You can also view tasks in calendar view to easily see which important tasks and milestones are coming up and add events tasks directly in the calendar. Goplan also offers storage for your files and documents and has a file versioning capability that makes it easy to properly manage past versions of documents.

Project management tools can help your nonprofit manage your projects, work and run campaigns more effectively. You will not only be able to save time, effort and costs in planning and managing projects, but you’ll also improve productivity making it easier to achieve your mission.

About the Author

Sharon is an author who likes to write on themes and topics related to project management software that help organizations accurately and efficiently accomplish their tasks.