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Funding Resources : The Cornerstone of Your Nonprofit's Toolbox


Are you a newly-formed nonprofit, eagerly searching for a way to build capacity and fund your great ideas? Maybe you’re ready to expand, launch an initiative, or just having trouble covering everything on donations? We may have a funding resource for you, and it’s about to be deeply discounted for a short time! 

There are a lot of grant and funding opportunities out there...but how to find them? Grant research databases like Imagine Canada's Grant Connect or Ajah fundtracker are fantastic, but if you’re a smaller organization, newly formed, or have a lot of activities in America and overseas, they may be out of your price range, or not completely in line with your activities. Especially if your fundraising budget is...well...less than your coffee budget.

We’d like to tell you about GrantStation - a comprehensive set of grant research tools that link charities to current sources of grant money and teach organizations how to secure available funding.

GrantStation has approximately 1000 profiles of grantmakers that provide support within Canada and another 500 grantmakers that provide support globally to Canadian organizations. In addition, GrantStation's U.S. Charitable Giving database features access to hundreds of U.S. based grantmakers

Watch this pre-recorded webinar featuring an online walkthrough, so you can see if GrantStation is right for you!

So What Do We Get Access To, Exactly?

The Canadian Charitable Giving database: provides access to profiles of private grantmakers who give throughout Canada and within particular provinces and territories. The top 1300 Canadian grantmakers are covered in this database and additional grantmakers based in Canada and other countries are being added weekly. The listings distinguish between grantmakers that give to registered charities, nonprofits, or both.

The Canadian Government Grants & Loans section: provides information regarding potential governmental sources of financial and technical assistance, divided by province, and sorted by their funding type (Federally funded Agencies, Provincial-funded Agencies, Provincial Departments).

Grants2020: a web-based tool designed to teach organizations how to diversify and grow their grant-seeking programs. It provides an easy way to visualize your current grant income and think about ways to diversify your grants so you can look at needs for tomorrow.