From Tierney: This blog was originally posted on's blog. App It Up is a new initiative from TechSoup US that is just as useful for Canadian nonprofits and libraries. Read here about the project, visit the page to learn more and share your thoughts! 

We're happy to announce the launch of our new App It Up page for nonprofits and libraries. This page is where we'll be sharing what we're learning through the App It Up project.

We've already learned a lot about what apps are out there, how nonprofits and libraries are using apps, and what your app needs and interests are. We're featuring a changing selection of useful, innovative, or just plain cool apps in our App It Up page showcase. We'll be sharing app resources and other App It Up information there as well.

What Is an App?

An "app" is a small piece of software that performs a discrete function, with limited or targeted functionality. So not a full-fledged Microsoft Office. Rather a bit of code that does something interesting. Apps can be used online (a web app), on a mobile device (a mobile app), or as an add-on to existing software tools (widgets, plug-ins, templates, and so on).

App It Up Wants to Hear from You  

Check out the App It Up page and let us know what you think. Then help us help nonprofits and libraries "App It Up" by sharing your thoughts with us in the comments below. We'd love to hear more about:

  • If you've started investigating or using apps, share your story and help other nonprofits and libraries learn from your experience!
  • What do you think of our featured apps. Can you see your organization using those apps, or using similar apps?
  • Not using apps? We still want to hear from you! Why aren't you using apps?  What would you need to help you use apps effectively in your nonprofit or library?
  • How do you think apps might help your organization? By getting the message out? Making your work more efficient? Something else entirely?
  • Do you already use a great app, or have you built your own app?
  • What's on your app wish list? Have you thought of an app that would be helpful for your organization, but don't have the time or resources to make it happen? Tell us about it.
  • Do you have questions or concerns about using apps?

We're excited about our app showcase and can't wait to hear from you. Your thoughts and experiences using these (and other) apps will help us develop insight into what nonprofits and libraries need from apps, and will help us identify and share tools that that might meet those needs.

Enjoy the app showcase, and thank you for your input!

Ariel Gilbert-Knight is a Technology Analyst for TechSoup