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Winners of the Celebrate Creativity with Adobe Contest!

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For six weeks, our team was delighted to see all the creative designs that were submitted to the Celebrate Creativity with Adobe design contest.

Celebrate Creativity with Adobe invited nonprofits, charities and libraries in Canada to showcase their most creative materials that were designed in any Adobe program. The community then voted on the submissions they believed were the most creative and inspiring, and we were incredibly impressed with the results!

Chosen from 145 submissions, the winners of the Celebrate Creativity with Adobe contest are:

Grand Prize

Our top prize goes to I Am Compelled in our English category and Union des travailleurs et travailleuses accidentés de Montréal (U.T.T.A.M.) in our French category!

About I Am Compelled

I Am Compelled (IAC) believes that students can change the world they live in. Their mission is to give every student the opportunity to learn and embrace Canadian heritage, gain a greater understanding of Canada’s political structure, and be empowered to become excellent students, engaged citizens, and changemakers in their communities. “We know that when they discover who they are and where they come from, it inspires them”, shares Crystal Lavallee, Founder and Director of IAC.  IAC incorporates theatre and media into interactive assemblies that compels students towards responsible citizenship. Seen by over 10,000+ people in school boards across Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario,  IAC’s assemblies are more than just an entertaining theatre show, but an opportunity for students to be motivated and inspired by Canada’s historical figures. “I realize I don’t have to be rich and famous to be a changemaker,” shared a Grade 5 student after attending an IAC assembly. “I can just be me”.

IAC’s winning entry is the new backdrop for their educational theatre show. “Long hours, multiple hard drive shuffles and loss of sleep gave us this masterpiece!”, Crystal wrote in IAC’s project description. “We could not have done it without Adobe”.

I Am Compelled's winning entry

Created using Adobe Photoshop

Crystal is thrilled to be able to invest the cash prize from the Celebrate Creativity with Adobe contest into their Hope Tour next year. “The highest rate of suicide among our First Nations youth (age 16-24) are higher than our non-aboriginal youth”, Crystal explained. The Hope Tour aims to promote hope and resiliency in our at-risk communities, by sharing stories of First Nations youth who demonstrated resiliency and commitment to overcoming their obstacles.

About U.T.T.A.M.

Today, thousands of workers in Quebec are victims of accidents and illnesses caused by dangerous and unhealthy work conditions. It is for this reason that UTTAM exists: to represent, support and advocate for victims of occupational injuries. UTTAM consists primarily of non-unionized workers who are victims of workplace accidents and occupational diseases in the Greater Montréal area (Montréal, Montérégie, Laval, Laurentides and Lanaudière). “[We] aim at social transformation by working on the causes of poverty and impoverishment [of workers], rather than on their effects alone”, explains Roch LaFrance of UTTAM. UTTAM advocates for workers’ rights to be recognized in law and in practice, and provides valuable support services to injured workers, such as counselors for support during settlement cases, as well as custom training sessions on the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (claim procedures, medical aspects of a file, etc.).

UTTAM’s winning entry is the Journal, a quarterly newsletter created in Adobe InDesign. “[Winning the contest] was a great experience of solidarity for our members”, shares Roch. “This helps to raise awareness that small individual actions can have a significant collective impact”.

Created using Adobe InDesign

The Journal is an important resource for workers, as it provides them with an opportunity to share their insights and experiences.  It is also a valuable source of information for questions concerning the law, the practices of the CNÉSST (Standards Commission of  Equity, Health and Safety Work), and the social realities and ongoing struggles of injured workers.

Silver Prize

Our second prize goes to New Leaf Project in our English category and Corporation Bénévoles d’Expertise in our French category!

About The New Leaf Project

The New Leaf Project is piloting a socially innovative approach to homelessness. By preventing the newly homeless from becoming entrenched, they aim transform to lives while saving community resources that can be better spent elsewhere. 

NLP’s winning entry is the Save the Date card for their fundraiser, Buckets of Change.  “Using Adobe products to illustrate your message is a powerful tool,” explains Claire Williams, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NLP. “It gives you the freedom to get your message across as quickly as possible.” Claire also encourages fellow nonprofits to “care about design, especially if you’re a grassroots organization with a radical idea”, as branding is an integral factor to gaining support.

Donations raised from the Buckets of Change fundraiser will go directly to NLP’s programming costs.

New Leaf Project's winning submission

Created using Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator

About Corporation Bénévoles d’Expertise

Bénévoles d’Expertise’s mission is to provide a free, skills-based volunteer program for community service organizations and experts in the Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches area.  Community organizations are urged by donors and the government to continuously improve their practices, be transparent and demonstrate their impact, however many of these nonprofits do not have the resources to adequately address their organizational challenges. Bénévoles d’Expertise aims to bridge this gap by creating an effective partnership between expert volunteers with specific management, planning and governance skills with managers and administrators of community service organizations. To date, Bénévoles d’Expertise has over 84 active experts who generously volunteer their time and expertise in areas such as human resource management, project management, marketing, public relations and more.

Bénévoles d’Expertise’s winning entry is their 2015-2016 Annual Report, a 28-page document created in Adobe InDesign.

Created using Adobe InDesign

Last year, Bénévoles d’Expertise matched 158 community organizations to expert volunteers, and facilitated 1,739 hours of volunteer service worth $260,850 ($150/hour).

Bronze Prize

Our third prize goes to Femme International in our English category and Mouvement national des Québécoises et Québécois (MNQ) in our French category!

About Femme International

Femme International is committed to promoting women’s health through education and breaking down the menstrual taboo on a global scale. Menstruation is a natural process globally shared among women and yet, it is still a stigmatized issue. As a result of the menstrual taboo, there is a critical lack of health education resources available to young women (and men) about the menstrual cycle -- an issue that is especially prominent in developing countries. In East Africa, menstruation is one of the biggest reasons why adolescent girls miss school. To address this issue, Femme International delivers the Feminine Health Empowerment Program in schools and community groups across Kenya and Tanzania. Femme International also distributes Femme Kits that are designed to contain everything a woman needs to manage her menstrual cycle in a safe and sustainable way.

Femme International’s winning submission is inspired by an excerpt from Gloria Steinem's 1978 essay, "If Men Could Menstruate", which challenges the reader to speculate, consider, and confront the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Created using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

About MNQ - La Fête nationale du Québec

Mouvement national des Québécoises et Québécois’ (MNQ) mission is to defend and promote the Quebecois identity, language, history, culture and heritage, and to make Québec a French and democratic country. From a federation initially focused on the survival of Québec’s language and a culture, MNQ has grown into an organization that seeks to preserve and develop Québec's autonomy. The Québec government has also entrusted MNQ with the mandate of coordinating all of the festivities for Québec's National Holiday, including National Patriots' Day and Flag Day. Together with 18 regional agents, MNQ coordinates more than 6,000 activities that spans over 700 festivities throughout the country.

MNQ’s winning submission is their poster celebrating this year’s National Holiday in Québec. “The chosen concept for 2016 was the arts”, explains Sophie Lemelin, responsible for visual identity and production at MNQ. “The chosen visual represents a festive face where music, painting and writing take shape. Inspired by the expression "pure gold", the slogan demonstrates that our culture is an invaluable collective wealth”.

Created using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, et Adobe Illustrator

And because of the astounding engagement this community has shown, Adobe generously added a runner-up prize! We are pleased to award an additional two organizations a cash prize of $250.

And the runner-up prize goes to …

Theatre Gargantua in our English category and La Petite Maison de la Miséricorde in our French category!

About Theatre Gargantua

Theatre Gargantua is one of Canada’s leading multi-disciplinary theatre companies. Under the direction of Jacquie P.A. Thomas, the company has been devising dynamic physical theatre for over 20 years.  Gargantua’s original productions are created in a unique 2-year cycle consisting of developmental workshop phases and public performances. While being diverse in terms of subject, writing and performance styles, each of Gargantua’s productions combine daring physicality with striking designs, complemented by original live music and the innovative use of technology. In February 2013, Thomas received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions to Canadian culture.

Theatre Gargantua’s winning submission is the poster for Reflector, an original theatre piece that examines an evolution in human communication: the use of image blended with modern technology to share images instantly and globally. “It explores why some images stand out in a world of 2.5 billion cameras, our ability to share images instantly and globally, and how these can be manipulated”, explains Yolanda Ferrato, Producer at Theatre Gargantua. “This image expresses a connection between the subject and photographer - does the lens capture the image or is it the eye of the photographer? It evokes the 'blue marble' on which we live and our attempts to frame and give it context through images”.

Created using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign

About La Petite Maison de la Miséricorde

La Petite Maison de la Miséricorde’s mission is to support mothers of single-parent families and their children. Mothers living in difficult situations due to the reality of single parenthood, isolation and poverty can enroll at La Petite Maison to receive the support they need to develop confidence and independence. The women at la Petite Maison can choose to have a personalized accompaniment, who provides support for procedures such as apartment searches, doctor appointments, etc., and can be a reference for women who are seeking employment or would like to pursue continuing education. La Petite Maison also offers social activities for women and their children, including community dinners and family trips, and workshops on self-confidence, child development through play, and self-defense.

La Petite Maison's winning submission is their 2017 calendar. “To celebrate 40 years of La Petite Maison's commitment to women in single-parent families and their children, we have created a calendar for 2017”, explains Lama Boughaba, Communications Officer and Project Manager at La Petite Maison. “Each month of the year is illustrated with a visual representation of our activities and services offered”.

Created using Adobe Photoshop

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who submitted their work. We are truly inspired by your creativity, and honoured to be able to support this amazing community of change makers!


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