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Digital Storytelling: Understanding Social Media and Visual Storytelling Tools for Nonprofits

Digital StorytellingCommunications

This webinar explores how digital storytelling, through visuals, videos, and live stories can amplify and better communicate your nonprofit story.

Below is a brief summary, webinar recording, slide deck, and additional resources on storytelling.


In the webinar, we show you how some nonprofits are using social media platforms for digital storytelling, with examples of successful campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Key learning points are:

  • How to tailor content and visuals to your organization’s social media platforms;
  • Tools you can use to create images, infographics, and fonts to build your visual storytelling elements;
  • Tangible ways to employ ethical practices into sharing digital stories.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Presentation

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