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What would you do with 6 Flip Video Cameras? Imagine the possibilities...


Flip video camerasPlease note -TechSoup Canada is no longer offering the Flip Donation program

Flip Video Cameras are small, handheld cameras that take up to 1 hour of HD video. They're nice and simple so anyone can use them without much training (the most important skill is being able to push a button!).

That's great - but what could you do with a flip video camera? The advantage with Flip Cameras is that they are small, convenient and portable. You could use them for many things - for example to:

  • record an event,
  • interview staff, volunteers or clients,
  • show your programs in action, or
  • shoot footage for a video you are making.

(See other ideas for free to low-cost videos).

Since you get six, you can give one to your ED, your communications staff, your volunteers - anyone who might run across interesting things to video in the course of their work. Here's an example of a video that People for Education made about their upcoming conference - shot using a Flip Video Camera and edited in iMovie:

People for Education is also planning to use Flip Video cameras at their upcoming conference, so volunteer videographers can capture the event.

Learn more about how you can use video at your nonprofit:


not eligible

I find that I can no longer access the product page for flip video. it says we are not eligible. I am confident we fall within the guidlelines. If you could provide some insight I would appreciate it. you can contact me at - we have been a member of TechSoup since 2004 Thanks

Flip Video out of stock


Unfortunately, our supplies of Flip Video cameras are always limited and we are currently out of stock, which is why you can't see the product pages. I don't know at this point whether they will come back in stock.

If they do come back in stock then we will send out a product alert and also post on Twitter about it, however I want to manage your expectations because it's possible we won't get them again.

Hope that helps, feel free to follow up or contact if you have any more questions. I'll also send you an email with the same info.