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Friday Feed on April 13, 2012: Data visualization, everyday innovation and more

Data Visualization

Things have been exciting recently at TechSoup Canada, as I just got back from a trip to San Francisco where I got to meet colleagues from TechSoup and attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) hosted annually by NTEN. Back in the office, it was all hands on deck as we worked to make sure all of you could get your orders in and processed by the end of March (end of fiscal year for many nonprofits in Canada). 

Now that work has returned to a more "normal" state, I thought it was time for another Friday Feed to share some of the great resources I've run across recently.

Visual summary of Data Visualization session at the 2012 NTCReflections from 12NTC Panel on Data Visualization

One of the great sessions I got to attend at NTC was on data visualization. To start off, we were asked to reflect about our own organization's level of "measurement acceptance" (with the goal of becoming data-informed). The panelists then shared some practical tips on how to create data visualizations, and a nonprofit shared their own story of experimenting with visualization in rallying supporters to their cause. A fellow Canadian at the conference also created a great recap of the session, and you can click on the image to the right for a visual summary. If you're interested in this topic, good news - it's our theme for this month (April) and you'll be seeing more resources to help you in our upcoming newsletter.

What Technophobic Social Workers Can Teach Computer Geeks

Now that building online community has become so important for nonprofits, we find an interesting situation - the "geeks" are able to easily learn the tools required, but the building community part may not come naturally. The good news is that many organizations have staff who are extremely skilled in building community - in the offline world. A match made in heaven? It won't be easy, but with the right attitude on both sides there is great potential.

Using Everyday Technology to Improve Your Services

"When we think about innovation, we often envision cutting-edge technology that’s flashy, shiny and futuristic: things like jet packs, flying cars and computers that integrate with our homes. But our research shows many nonprofits successfully use technology to innovate in more subtle ways. While these solutions may not be as eye-catching as a jet pack, they’re often low-cost and effective, which makes them both easier to implement and easier for other organizations to replicate."

Live-Stream Events Through YouTube Nonprofit Program

If you are a part of the YouTube Nonprofit Program (which is available for Canadian charities), you can now take advantage of this offering to live-stream your events. Pretty cool.