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Google Ads: How To Increase Your Nonprofit's Presence Online With $10,000 Per Month Of Free Ads


In this webinar, Simon and Lily of ConnectAd will help you understand how to register, access & use your Google Ads account to grow your nonprofit’s online presence. They'll show you how Google Ads can help your nonprofit connect to and engage with donors, volunteers, and supporters.

You will learn:

- How the Google Ads Grant can be useful to nonprofits

- How to apply for your Google Ads Grant account

- Step by step how to create your first campaign inside your Google Ads Grant account

This webinar is for beginners looking to learn how to access & use the main features of Google Ads.

Note that you must be a registered nonprofit in Canada to be eligible for Google Ad Grants. To apply for Google Suite for Nonprofits please visit Google for Nonprofits.

Below is the webinar recording, slide deck, and additonal resources. 

Webinar Recording

Presentation Slidedeck

View the downloadable PDF copy of the Slidedeck here.

Additional Resources