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Hold a Nonprofit Tech Meetup in Your City!


By: Elijah van der Giessen, TechSoup

If you love bringing people together to talk about how we can use technology for good you’re just the person we want.

Hi there!

I'm Eli, the Community Manager for TechSoup’s NetSquared, a global volunteer-run network of nonprofit technology meetups. Every month our chapter leaders bring together the local nonprofit community for live events that share best practices and case studies of how technology can be used for social good.

We’re currently looking for people to join our Canadian NetSquared community as a co-organizer. If you’re a consultant or vendor hosting a NetSquared group is a highly effective way to network and build a reputation for expertise. If you’re already your community’s go-to for tech advice being a NetSquared organizer allows you to provide structure to your volunteer commitments and connects you with a network of like-minded techies.

You’re not in this alone

Net Tuesday Toronto has been going strong for the last seven years with over 1,500 members. There are also active NetSquared groups in Victoria, Vancouver, Peterborough, Mississauga, and Montréal. Your fellow Canadian NetSquared organizers are here to support you, as is the NetSquared community manager. We’ll be your cheerleader as you start you new group and provide you with event templates and planning guides.

Want to find out more?

Learn more about our global network, check out our event reports on our blog, or say hi on Twitter. 

Already sold?

NetSquared is there to support you every step of the way, so apply now!

Nothing is going to be better for your reputation than being a NetSquared organizer! You’ll
become the hub for your local #nptech community, connecting nonprofits, activists, vendors,
consultants and do-gooders together.

Elijah van der Giessen
Community Manager, NetSquared- a TechSoup project