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We're excited to partner with TechSoup Global for Storymakers 2016!

For the sixth year, TechSoup's annual challenge will help nonprofits learn how to increase their storytelling skills for fundraising and advocacy purposes. We also have a contest in which we're giving away US$7,000 in cash prizes and a new camera. 


Civil Society, Advocacy, and Fundraising

Good stories power fundraising and marketing. They become the means for nonprofits, NGOs, religious centers, and social enterprises to reach out to customers and enhance their brand.

Storytelling skills are also a prerequisite to successful advocacy. For nonprofits interested in solving a particular problem, stories can help others quickly understand and connect with the organizations' mission. For those interested in strengthening civil society in general, today's digital spaces are one of the few arenas in which big ideas can reach big audiences, build constituency, and clearly demonstrate political will.

Want to see inspiring examples? Our partner See3 has announced the winner of the 2016 GoDooder Video Awards. Check out the moving, powerful stories that were submitted.


What Can You Do?

Take Part in the Digital Storytelling Challenge!

TechSoup's storytelling campaign will have four prizes: Best Nonprofit Video, Best Nonprofit Photography, Audience Choice Award, and Best Story of Tomorrow Award. The Best Story of Tomorrow Award is focused on youth and the next generation.

Our campaign focus will include these key dates and will begin at NTC 2016:



Social movements are powered by advocates sharing their stories. Citizen stories, aggregated and amplified by NGOs, deserve to be heard as testament to humanity's plurality and hope. They can serve as counterpoint and balance, offering insight, argument, and solutions in our collective effort to craft a more civil society.

Whether your interest is in fundraising or advocacy, we will have more fun surprises in store, so follow along on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram pages.

See you at #Storymakers2016!

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