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In Which Technology and Poetry Join Forces

David Brydges, one of the attendees of this week's Toronto Net Tuesday on "Preparing for a Website Redesign" wrote this poem about his experience at the event. David is the Artistic Director for the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival, the largest poetry festival in Northern Ontario.

MEETING SUCCESS by David Clayson Brydges

The digital net was cast

into the Toronto city sea.

Tuesday eve all

captains and dreamers

of their own website ship,

rode wave after wave

of highly informed details.

On how to stay afloat,

avoid the sharks,

and catch plenty of web attention.

With a redesigned fishing net tool

systematically managing its content.

Much de-coding,

stripped down tech jargon

allowed a swifter, deeper,

grasp of life below the surface.

The dark internet domain

was freshly illumined.

As the stars re-appeared to shine

many a new path pointing

away from a sleepy harbour,

out into the awakened ocean.