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Harnessing the Power of Mobile for Your Nonprofit


Mobile technology has become an integral way for organizations to communicate and engage their supporters. With an increasing number of mobile users worldwide, mobile is the perfect medium for nonprofits to stay connected with supporters. In fact, a recent study conducted by npEngage revealed that “9.5% of donations came from mobile devices”.

With such a demand for mobile technology, you may wonder “how can I harness the power of mobile for my nonprofit?” Let’s review a few ways you can make mobile work for you.

  1. Mobile Landing Pages 
    If your nonprofit offers services or information or runs campaigns, a targeted mobile-friendly landing page is essential. A mobile friendly webpage is also necessary if you do any marketing or advertising, to ensure individuals can easily access your website from their handheld devices. Google offers free resources on mobile friendly website practices you can employ for your business (applicable to nonprofits as well). You can also take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to analyze your nonprofit website’s current mobile performance.

  2. Mobile Giving or Donating
    Mobile giving refers to donating to an organization through a mobile device, usually via SMS. Mobile donating is becoming an increasingly common method for nonprofits to raise money. Essentially it works by donors seeing a call to action via email, an advertisement, etc. They then text a keyword such as “give” to a short code such as “33333” to donate $5 to $10. The individual donating is then charged on their next phone bill. When the Cell Phone Provider (CPP) collects the money, they pass it onto the trusted third party (TTP), who passes it on to the nonprofit. In Canada, the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada serves as the TTP. All in all, mobile giving is a great way for nonprofits to capitalize on each and every moment an individual is inspired to support a cause.

  3. Crowdfunding via Social Media
    Social media is one of the most popular activities on mobile devices. Actions via social media have a considerable mobile audience, making social media a desirable tool for promoting your crowdfunding efforts. With more and more nonprofits turning to crowdfunding for their fundraising campaigns, social media can be your biggest weapon. When you implement a crowdfunding campaign, ensure you make it easy for supporters to participate and spread content via social media. Mobile social media is a great way for people to access, explore and share content associated with your campaign. From hashtags, to competitions, to infographics, the more shareable your content is, the larger the interaction from mobile supporters.

With the rise in mobile technology, it seems only fitting mobile will continue to be an essential way for nonprofits to interact with supporters and expand their reach. The growing demand for mobile technology means it has never been more important for nonprofits to implement mobile-friendly practices. The age of mobile has arrived and it’s time for your nonprofit to join the revolution!

Has your nonprofit embraced a mobile strategy? Feel free to share how in the comments section below.