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Secure, backup and restore your data with O&O Software

SecurityBackup & Recovery

Want to optimize the performance of your Windows computers? Or ensure that your organization’s data is securely backed up? We’ve got you covered with our latest donor partner, O&O Software!

O&O is an award-winning Windows software that provides tools for PC optimization, data security, data recovery, backup, secure data deletion, remote IT assistance and system administration. O&O joins TechSoup Canada to provide two of their programs as a donation to nonprofit organizations — O&O Syspectr Corporate and O&O Business Suite.

IT Disaster Story: Recovering Lost Data

Erlenbach Radiology, a diagnostic radiology clinic in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, unexpectedly found itself in the middle of an IT disaster.

Over the course of its operations, Erlenbach Radiology amassed a significant amount of stored picture files used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. While they were updating a system partition on an important Windows PC, a digital picture archive saved on an external USB disk was accidentally formatted. Erlenbach Radiology tried several data recovery products, but were only able to locate and recover a small fraction of their picture files. It appeared as if the data was truly lost.

Undeterred, Erlenbach Radiology continued to search for a solution, clinging onto the hope that their lost data can somehow be restored.

“While searching for a solution [on] the internet, we stumbled upon O&O DiskRecovery”, explained an employee of Erlenbach Radiology.

“We went ahead and purchased O&O DiskRecovery and were able to rescue every single picture file, even special DICOM (Medical Imaging Data, .DCM) format”

Around 100,000 files were rescued thanks to O&O DiskRecovery, a program that’s included in the O&O Business Suite. The added option of being able to search for specific files and file formats greatly assisted in the data recovery.

[TIP] Make sure your organization is prepared with an IT Disaster Recovery plan. Not sure how to create one? Use TechSoup’s free guide, The Resilient Organization.

O&O Software in a Nutshell

O&O Business Suite

O&O Business Suite is a collection of 9 O&O products (see below for full product listing) that can raise the performance of your computers, secure and recover your data and simplify tasks for IT administrators. And best of all, O&O Business Suite is ready-to-go with your existing systems, helping you avoid additional hardware costs.

O&O Business Suite includes:

Administration applications:

  • BlueCon: recover data and troubleshoot workstation malfunctions
  • DiskStat: analyze unused disk space in a graphical interface
  • Enterprise Management Console: manage O&O programs centrally across a network

Data rescue applications:

  • Media Recovery/Disk Recovery: find and recover deleted files

Data security applications:

  • DiskImage: backup and restore individual files or an entire hard drive
  • DriveLED: monitor the status of hard disks and receive warnings of potential drive crashes
  • SafeErase: locate and permanently remove sensitive files

System performance applications:

  • CleverCache: reset the Windows cache without restarting to prevent program or system crashes
  • Defrag: defragment PC hard drives and analyze them with graphical reports and displays

Nonprofits operating on Windows computers can use O&O Business Suite to prevent losing important organizational data and recover it if it's lost, improve the performance of their computers, extend the life of current hardware and minimize the time spent by IT administrators ensuring computer performance.

O&O Syspectr Corporate

O&O Syspectr provides a complete overview of your entire Windows infrastructure. With an user-friendly web application, you can track events in real time and get notified by email or in your dashboard when something strange happens. This can include anything from installation of new software that you weren’t aware of (or didn’t approve), the permanent monitoring of Windows Security, or notification of failed updates. O&O Syspectr can also let you know when a USB disk is connected and gives you the power to stop this from happening. At the press of a button, you can avoid potentially malicious software or prevent important documents from being removed from your server. O&O Syspectr also provides active assistance: the integrated Remote Desktop allows you to help your staff or volunteers directly on their PCs whenever the need arises.

Is my organization eligible for O&O’s donated products?

This program is available to eligible Canadian Registered Charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, Canadian nonprofits incorporated either provincially or at the federal level and Canadian public libraries with a library symbol from Library and Archives Canada. For a more detailed breakdown of eligible and ineligible organizations, check out O&O Software program details.

How many donations of O&O can I request?

For eligible TechSoup Canada members, organizations may request two donations of O&O Syspectr Corporate and two donations of O&O Software (Business Suite) within a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Not registered with TechSoup Canada, but think you are eligible for donations of O&O?

The first step is to register with TechSoup Canada — it’s free and simple. Once we have processed your registration, we will let you know if you qualify for O&O Software.

Registering with us also grants you access to discounts and donations from up to 30 other donor partners, which includes popular software like office productivity suites, graphic design software, accounting packages and security programs. Find out how the donations program can work for an organization like yours!