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TechSoup Canada’s Round-up of Awesome Storytelling Tools and Resources

Digital Storytelling
“People won’t remember what you say or what you do, but they’ll remember how you make them feel.”

If your goal as a nonprofit is to get the message out and engage supporters in your cause, guess what - you are not the only one. Your message is competing against many other tweets, posts and pictures. So how do you stand out?

Enter storytelling.

Storytelling is a strategic way to cut through the clutter.  As one of the oldest forms of communication, it can help your audience remember and emotionally connect to your cause. And this can lead to greater awareness, action and engagement!

But telling a good story is more challenging than you think. Below are some awesome resources, tips and tools we’ve collected over the years to help you improve your online storytelling strategy.

Step 1: Getting started - Knowing the heart of what you do

Last year we hosted a Net Tuesday called "Sharing your Story", with Cassie Barker from Collective Strategy. Using Public Narrative's framework, Cassie walked us through how to build a story arc and tell stories with heart. 

  • Say it out loud! Sometimes saying what you do is the best way to figure out the most vital message you want to get across. This blog post will show you how to build a good elevator pitch.  


Step 2: Making your story strategic

dart boardNot all stories are created equal. Different types of stories can have different results. The type of story you tell, to whom and when will largely depend on your goals.  Are you trying to raise money? Increase awareness? Recruit new volunteers? Ideally you don’t tell stories for the sake of just telling stories: you want to get results!


Step 3: Make it visual

Showing rather than telling is sometimes the most powerful way to get a message out quickly.  Here are some helpful resources so you can make the most of your visual content.Children Smiling

The photo above was taken by Alejandra Quintero Sinisterra - CC license.

Other Resources, Tools and Tips

Great Books on Storytelling

Low cost or free storytelling tools we LOVE!