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TechSoup Battles: Social Media Management Tools

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You want to engage your supporters, volunteers and donors on social media, but juggling between each of your nonprofit’s accounts can be challenging. You’ve already committed to posting every hour on Twitter, every day on Facebook, daily pinning on Pinterest, posting weekly videos on YouTube and we haven’t even mentioned your Tumblr, Instagram and Vine accounts. Talk about a time management nightmare! And even if you’re one of the lucky ones that only has to manage a couple social media accounts, you still feel like there must be an easier way to get content out there.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools that can easily sync your social media accounts so that you can manage and monitor them in one place. In this edition of TechSoup Battles, we’re looking at which tools will help you easily manage your nonprofit’s social media accounts.

What is a social media management tool?

A social media management tool enables you to post, view and reply to comments across all your social media channels by syncing all of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) into one place.

Why should I use a social media management tool?

It will make your job (& life) easier! Here are four benefits from using a social media management tool:

  1. Improves your productivity. Instead of manually logging into each of your nonprofit’s social media account just to check and manage your posts, you can just log into one place to manage all of your accounts. This saves you both time and energy.
  2. Scheduling posts have never been easier. Only a few social networks allow you to schedule your content and even if they support this feature, it’s a headache to log into each account to schedule every post manually. By using a social media management tool, you can easily publish content across all channels or schedule customized content based on the channel. The choice is yours!
  3. Better engagement. Chances are your nonprofit wants to engage people on social media, but when you need to manually log into all of your social media accounts, it can become difficult to track conversations and reply to people on a timely basis. A social media management tool will not only allow you to have faster response rate, but you can easily follow large conversations (like Tweetchats).
  4. Track your results. Most social media management tools will be able to show you which posts received more views, how many clicks you received and which posts got the most shares/engagement. By seeing which posts resonates with your audience, you can fine-tune your social media strategy and boost your reach.

One Tool to Rule Them All?

There are a lot of tools out there designed to help you manage your social media accounts, so for the purposes of this review, we’re looking for tools that can:
Sync all of our major social media accounts together

  • Allows us to post, schedule and reply to content in one place
  • Display some level of tracking and analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable for nonprofits

While there are a lot of options, we decided to take a look at Hootsuite and Buffer as these tools best fit our criteria. If you’re looking for more social media management tools & resources, we’ve listed a few at the end of this review.

Our Reviews

With that understanding, which tool should you use? Read below for a quick summary of which tool might work better for you. You can also read Jane's and Tierney’s reviews on Buffer and Hootsuite by clicking on the header links below.


Jane reviews Buffer

Tierney reviews Hootsuite



Free or $10/month Awesome plan (50% discount for nonprofits)



Free or $10/month (Pro) (50% discount for nonprofits)


Quick description

You can post messages to your social media channels (or schedule them for later) and it will automatically shorten all your links. Can also provide analytics on the content you are posting.

You can see what’s going on (who posted, who responded to you) on different social networks, post messages to your social media channels (or schedule them for later), reply to comments on any of your channels, and check your stats and analytics (to what extent will depend on your plan)

Might be a good
fit if...

If you need to easily be able to schedule and post a lot of content, but don’t necessarily need the advanced analytics.  

You need a social media dashboard with really good analytics options and you like the format of the streams coming into your dashboard.

More Resources

Social media tracking & analysis tools:

  • Cyfre - a free social media analytics dashboard
  • - track your social media link conversions
  • - track your social media link conversions

Other social media management tools to consider:


Sprout Social

Is there a discount on techsoup for sproutsocial for NFP?

Re: Sprout Social

Sadly, we don't have a discount for Sprout Social available in our program right now, but they do offer a nonprofit discount if you have an account with them. I've seen them connect with nonprofits on Twitter (@SproutSocial) re: discounts, so best try them there!

Hope this helps!

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