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Ten Years of TechSoup Canada: Insights, ideas, and tips from a decade of #nptech

In 2019, TechSoup Canada turns 10! The past decade has taught us a lot about using technology as a tool for social impact, and we are eager to share that knowledge with you.

In our team's special 10 Year Anniversary webinar we explore the lessons of the past decade, trends shaping nonprofit technology today, and tips and tricks for making the most of your TechSoup Canada membership.

What you will learn:

  • Key lessons from a decade of helping Canadian nonprofits use tech more effectively
  • Tech trends to embrace and which ones to approach more cautiously
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing your TechSoup Canada membership

Below is the webinar outline. recording, presentation slide deck, and a template of an inventory tracker.

Additionally, you can access the full audio transcript for the webinar.  

Webinar Outline

Introduction (0:00 - 5:15)

Managing your TechSoup Canada Account with Ease: Tips to better manage your TechSoup

Canada Account (5:16 -  19:38)

  • Trouble shooting for lost logins
  • Password management software
  • Email management tips for your nonprofit
  • Inventory tracking instructions (and template)

Data Visualization and Infographics: Powerful storytelling with data  (19:39 - 27:07)

  • Case study: Graphs to visualize a paint point or problem
  • Case study: Maps to keep donors engaged and up to date
  • Case study: Impact reports to display campaign status updates
  • Case study: Timeline to display your mission and impact
  • Case study: Journey map to personalize fundraising
  • Graphic design and data visualization tools

#NPtech Focused Strategies for Positive Deviance (27:07 - 34:09)

  • Positive Deviance as creative and innovative solutions
  • The nonprofit landscape: the political sector and the tech sector
  • Identified strategies: tapping into the power of networks
  • Identified strategies: developing clear and ethical guidelines of when to say no to a donation
  • Identified strategies: modeling exemplary privacy standards for our own user data

Digital Transformation and You Nonprofit (34:10 - 46:51)

  • Digital transformation as the integration of tech into all areas of an organization
  • Path to digital transformation in these phases/stages:
  • Digitization stage (paper based to digital info) → Digital organization (using tech to solve particular issues) → Digital Transformation (transforming all organizational strategies and operations into a cohesive digital system)
  • Risks to digital transformation in 5 different areas
  • Statistics: only 50% of nonprofits using tech have a digital strategy
  • 3 key barriers to full digital optimization: Organizational structure and ownership; Organizational culture; access and availability of talent
  • Study and data: key factors to becoming successful in digital strategy
  • Learning articles on digital transformation: on strategy and culture; for managing staff and members

Discussion on how TechSoup Canada can evolve to meet your needs (46:52 -  51:59)

  • Our strategy to expand our catalogue: to expand our tech partnerships, to add new Canadian partners, to add new global partners
  • Our principles for our catalogue: to offer the best-in-class in tech, to have maximum breadth, while keeping the options manageable (2-3 alternatives in each category)

Questions and answers (52:00 - 1:00:34)

Webinar Recording

Webinar Presentation 

Inventory Tracker Template

You can download and customize this Inventory Tracker template to track your organization's purchased licenses.