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Tips for Creating Low-to-No Cost Videos for Nonprofits

By: Zahra Leonie Baptiste, Guest Blogger

A lot of non-profits are a bit intimidated by the idea of venturing into the video world, primarily due to fears about the cost. You don't have to hire a production studio, and you don't have to rent or buy expensive equipment. You can actually do it for no money at all! Here's how.

How much rainfall could you save from your roof?

Code Your Art Out logoLast Friday was the big Code Your Art Out Finals event, full of excitement and geekyness and heart stickers. Code Your Art Out is a coding competition that we've partnered with Microsoft on by providing some awesome nonprofit projects for developers to work on.

Paradise Lost: Mac Users Targeted with New Malware

Last week, for the first time ever I stepped into an Apple store and sought the help from its Genius Bar for a hardware issue for a MacBook Pro (it was a known issue that affected models of a certain age and a particular graphics chip).

NGOs Overcoming the Education Curve to Embrace Cloud!

This post was authored by Nick Eyre, Director, Fundacja TechSoup, our office in Europe and originally appeared on the Microsoft Europe Blog.

How to Get Long Life Out of Laptop and Cell Phone Batteries

This post originally appeared on's blog and was written by Jim Lynch, Co-Director of TechSoup's GreenTech program.

Digital Storytelling 101: Photos & Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words - making them a powerful tool in your storytelling toolbox. As a great illustration of this, Katya Andersen shared these photos from Common Ground in her My Charity Connects 2011 talk, showing the transformation of Laura, a meth addict, as she moved into housing:

Toronto Net Tuesday Recap - Sharing Your Story

If we compare the two phrases, “Hear John's story on our website” or “go to the website and check out our stats”, which of the two is more likely to encourage you to go to the organization's website? The first one, right? The most compelling stories are those that appeal to emotion: those that are told from the heart, rather than a fact sheet.

Tools for Digital Storytelling

This post is adapted from a post on's blog on TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge: Tools for Telling Your Story and was written by Carlos Bergfeld, Web Content Developer, TechSoup.

Simplicity in Web Design

This post originally appeared on's blog and was written by Elliot Harmon, Staff Writer at TechSoup.

Bad Websites, Good Fundraising

This post originally appeared on's blog and was written by Elliot Harmon, TechSoup Staff Writer.