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Toronto Net Tuesday Recap - Managing Your Relationships

Whether it be pen and paper, spreadsheets, databases or more sophisticated CRM software, it was clear that when it comes to managing relationships with your constituents, determining what is appropriate for your nonprofit or charity is not an easy task. Luckily, we had some insightful speakers and panellists for our May Toronto Net Tuesday event that shared their experiences - the good, bad and the ugly - with developing the CRMs within their organizations.

TechSoup Japan Disaster Relief Program Launches to Assist Local NGOs

This post originally appeared on's blog and was written by Rachel Weidinger, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications - TechSoup

HTML Is Easier Than It Looks

This post originally appeared on's blog and was written by Elliot Harmon, Staff Writer. 

Easy cheese

IT in the Cloud: Understanding the Risks

This post originally appeared on's blog and was written by Jim Lynch, the Co-Director of TechSoup's GreenTech program.

Google Apps Boot Camp Recap

Yesterday we tried a new type of event - a Boot Camp, focusing around a specific tool and how it can be used. We decided to focus on Google Apps, a tool that we at TechSoup Canada have found very useful internally and we think is a good option to consider for many nonprofits.

Posting GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar recordings on YouTube

At TechSoup Canada we use GoToWebinar to run our webinars, and we've been very happy with the tool so far. When we ran our webinar last month (on technology planning for nonprofits) we recorded the session so we could post it and give others access. One small hitch - when we tried to upload the file to YouTube, it just wouldn't work quite right. Here's the story of how we fixed it, as we know that other nonprofits may well find themselves in a similar situation.

Toronto Net Tuesday Recap - Collaboration & Productivity: Spend more time on what matters

20/20 Hindsight has struck everyone who has ever come to an end of a project. There is that brilliant moment of clarity that is only revealed after completion, that moment where one realizes those key practices that could have saved time, energy, and money. Unfortunately these moments are hard to anticipate and are usually recognized only after it’s too late to do anything to address the particular problem, but record and take note with improving best practices in mind for the next project cycle.

The most recent Toronto Net Tuesday session on “Collaboration and Productivity”, held in the lovely new Annex CSI building, was the perfect storm of technology and policy to help participants maximize output with simple methods using both the latest technology and old favourites. The experienced and energetic speakers were chock full of information to share and the results were terrific.

Introduction to Technology Planning for Nonprofits

This month's Toronto Net Tuesday was the first in our Technology Planning Series so it was all about introducing the idea of technology planning and sharing experiences.  If there was one big idea from the evening it was this: Technology is a tool, not a solution. Before thinking about technology you need to first understand the people who will be using the tool and their processes.

Using Technology for Grants

Many nonprofits and charities rely on grants for a good portion of their funding, however writing grants can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Our February Toronto Net Tuesday explored how grant writers can use technology to find and keep track of grants.

If you happen to notice that the video from Using Technology for Grants lacked sound or failed to focus on the right speaker at the right time, it’s because this camera man is guilty of paying too much attention to our speakers last Tuesday. Tech Tuesday was pleased to welcome an inspired panel of non-profit speakers to our technology forum, where we debated everything from the value of following grant writers on twitter to how to partner with large grant funders. The outcome of the evening was one part tech, one part process, and several great strategies for marketing your not-for-profit cause.

Presenting your Message

If the number of attendees we had at last night’s event was any indication, presenting your message effectively is top of mind for any organization. We’ve all probably been on the receiving end of some painful presentations, but being on the other side of the equation is a whole different story. Luckily, our speakers had some helpful and succinct tips to help us refine the art of presenting our message, and presenting it well.