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How to Live Stream your Event - Health Nexus' Story

Note from Tierney: Live streaming is a great way to reach your supporters & members who are geographically distributed, and we're seeing more and more nonprofits interested in learning about how it works. We're posting this blog from Melissa and another blog coming up soon to provide two different perspectives/approaches to live streaming from nonprofits who've tried it for themselves. Have your own experience you'd like to share? Get in touch!

A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Nonprofit Content Management Systems

Idealware CMS reportIf you are in the process of building a new website, one of the critical choices you will have to make is which Content Management System (CMS) to use.

Tactical technology planning

This is a recap from a presentation at the Canadian Council for Christian Charities' 2012 conference in Vancouver, given by Holly Ross from NTEN (based on resources from Idealware).

How do you know whether your technology investments are worthwhile? A good technology plan will help keep you in line with your organization's strategic goals. This blog will walk through the main steps involved in creating a tactical tech plan for your organization.

Shared Lessons from the Web of Change - It's all about Engagement

Participants at Web of Change Trying to make the world a better place? Trying to create that one campaign that will "go viral"? How is that working for you? Online petitions, tweet chats, memes, facebook - we’ve all seen how these tools can connect people to causes and the amazing social change that can result. But it’s not easy cutting through the clutter.

The Revolution Will Be Mobile - How to Build an App that People Will Actually Use

Note from Lori: This blog is a recap of Sam Dorman's session "The Revolution Will Be Mobile - How to Build an App that People Will Actually Use" presented at the Web of Change conference in September 2012. Building a mobile app from scratch doesn't make sense for most nonprofits, but if you are considering it (or any project where you are building new software), these are some important things to keep in mind. 


Just In: Windows Server 2012 Essentials!

ms_windoes_server_2012_spotlightMicrosoft has released the latest server edition of Windows. Windows Server enables a computer to manage file sharing, print sharing, and websites, and serves as a platform for running Exchange Server and SQL Server.

Supporting the Mobile Worker

Many people now use smartphones and tablets in their personal life, but what about work life? The corporate sector has been moving in this direction for many years, but it's less common in the nonprofit sector.