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Why 'Code Your Art Out' for Nonprofits?

TechSoup Canada is partnering with Microsoft Canada for their Code Your Art Out competition. Our goal is to bring developers and nonprofits together by providing real-life nonprofit projects for developers to take on. During the competition we are blogging for developers on the Code Your Art Out blog, and we will post our blogs here as well to keep you in the loop. Here's our first post:

Planning to build a website? Some things to think about before you start

Starting out on a website - or any other software development project - can be intimidating for a nonprofit, especially if you don't have anyone on your staff who is comfortable in this area. My advice: don't feel bad about not being the world's expert on technology, that's why you are going to work with someone who does know what they're doing. At the same time, remember that you are the expert on what your problems are! Your contribution to the project - both up front and throughout the project - is essential to ensuring that the end result is a good fit.

Evolution of how we see technology

I just read Amy Sample Ward's talk for a recent conference on the evolution of technology at nonprofits: For those of you who don't want to read the whole thing, the basic idea is that she traces the evolution of our technology paradigm through four phases: analog, digital, social (where we are now) and holistic (where we might be going).

Survey: 89% of Security Incidents Went Unreported

By: Kevin Lo
August 4, 2008
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Technology Risk Management

Why is technology risk management important to an organization?

Given most organizations have limited time and resources, many may not fully appreciate the need for assessment and planning. However, technology affects employment practices, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, crisis management, copyright, security, privacy, client protection and insurance coverage, by putting in place processes to reduce or eliminate the risk, we can lessen the potential impact to the organization.

TechSoup Canada RoadShow: Edmonton, Alberta

River Rally 2009

TechSoup Canada had the great opportunity to be a part of of River Rally 2009, sponsored by Alberta Ecotrust. The River Rally is a capacity building conference for watershed stewardship groups in Alberta. The conference offered a variety of workshops on how to communicate with impact, and ways to leverage volunteers and money. In addition, it was a great opportunity for organizations to network and learn from each other.

Online Storytelling — How to Plan & Produce a Compelling Video

Does your organization have great stories to tell — but lack the skills required to plan and produce compelling videos to post online?

Last week’s Toronto Net Tuesday was all about using video to communicate your stories to the world.

Work Gets Easier When You’re Living on a Cloud

Have you heard the term “cloud computing” and wondered what all the hype is about? Many similar-but-slightly different definitions exist but in a technical sense, it’s a style of computing where services and platforms are delivered to users over the Internet; organizations can stop worrying about installing or managing software locally.

But besides some of the obvious administration advantages, what can this new paradigm mean for non-profits?

To Twitter or not?

Is Twitter a big deal?

You might be interested in learning more about Twitter after hearing that David Miller, the mayor of Toronto is 'tweeting' with fellow Torontonians, about the location of potholes.