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Online Storytelling — How to Plan & Produce a Compelling Video

Does your organization have great stories to tell — but lack the skills required to plan and produce compelling videos to post online?

Last week’s Toronto Net Tuesday was all about using video to communicate your stories to the world.

Work Gets Easier When You’re Living on a Cloud

Have you heard the term “cloud computing” and wondered what all the hype is about? Many similar-but-slightly different definitions exist but in a technical sense, it’s a style of computing where services and platforms are delivered to users over the Internet; organizations can stop worrying about installing or managing software locally.

But besides some of the obvious administration advantages, what can this new paradigm mean for non-profits?

To Twitter or not?

Is Twitter a big deal?

You might be interested in learning more about Twitter after hearing that David Miller, the mayor of Toronto is 'tweeting' with fellow Torontonians, about the location of potholes.