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Case Studies

Opening the curtain on a new act at the Etobicoke School of the Arts

Communication was fragmented. The school was being supported by four websites and a monthly electronic newsletter. As well there were multiple Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Literacy Newfoundland and Labrador

Rebranding an established non-profit can be a daunting task, even with the right tools at hand. Without TechSoup Canada, we could have never accomplished this feat.
Mark Young, Communications Coordinator, Literacy Newfoundland and Labrador

Technology Comes to Toronto Wildlife Centre’s Rescue

Before TechSoup Canada our network was like Frankenstein’s laboratory, and keeping it all running was an exercise of extreme DIY and creativity. A huge thank you to TechSoup Canada for providing such a great service and support system to non-profits.
Scott Wight, Fundraising Coordinator, Toronto Wildlife Centre

How Cuso International uses technology to share their story

A culture of storytelling is at the heart of our communications work and technology helps makes it possible.
Sean Kelly, Head of Communications, Cuso International

Rexdale Women's Centre: Data-driven decison making

With donations from TechSoup Canada we have more time to serve clients and can tailor our services to the community's needs.
Rexdale Women's Centre

Managing Constituent Relationships: Four Case Studies

Who enables your organization to do its work? Most nonprofits divide supporters into categories: paid staff, volunteers, clients, donors, vendors, or advocates. However, real people often fall into multiple categories, and keeping track of their activities related to your organization can quickly get complex.