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CDI Discount Program FAQ

How can I find out if my organization is eligible?

Please see CDI Discount Program Guidelines for further information.

How many products can I request?

Eligible organizations may request as many CDI products as they need. However, each request may include no more than 10 of any individual product. For requests with more than 10 of an individual CDI product, please make arrangements with TechSoup Canada (subject to inventory availability). This is so we can ensure there is enough inventory for everyone.

How soon will we receive the products?

First we will receive and approve your request (3-5 business days), then CDI will process your request (8-10 business days) and ship your product via UPS ground service (or Canpar) (5-10 business days). CDI will send your shipment tracking number via email.

Can you ship to PO boxes?

No, we cannot ship to PO boxes. Please update your address prior to requesting CDI products.

Are my products covered under warranty?

CDI offers one-year warranties on all products, which cover equipment and component failure. They also offer three-year warranties for an additional price after you have requested the product through TechSoup Canada.

We recommend that you inspect your product immediately when your equipment arrives. Please keep all packaging until you have confirmed that everything works properly. The warranty period begins when TechSoup Canada processes the order and communicates to CDI to fulfill it. This is the date you received a fulfillment email from TechSoup Canada. CDI’s warranty covers, for the first 90 days only, whether laptop batteries will hold a charge.

The warranty does not protect products with problems that occur as a result of installing additional software or uninstalling existing software. It is void if a third party evaluates or troubleshoots the product.

What should I do if there is a problem with my product(s)?

CDI is responsible for providing warranties and technical support for their products. Contact the CDI for any problems with your request.

You can return shipments if:

  • The equipment is damaged or defective.
  • The shipment included the wrong equipment.

Please also contact CDI if:

  • The shipment is missing an entire product.
  • One or more products are missing parts.

You have 14 days from receiving your equipment to place a return request for a replacement or refund. Contact CDI for troubleshooting or to return requested equipment.

CDI support:

Phone: (888) 226-5727


How can I recycle my end-of-life product once I’ve used it?

When CDI hardware finally reaches the end of its useful life or become obsolete, you have a no-cost, secure, and environmentally safe solution to dispose of it. Simply send it back for free and responsible recycling with CDI’s Asset Recovery Services.

Are refurbished products of good quality?

CDI refurbishes equipment built to the high standards of corporations and designed for office applications. Its processors are generally of a higher capacity than those manufactured for home use. These refurbished systems usually last three to five years and experience fewer problems and failures than their consumer-oriented counterparts.

CDI must stand behind their products and adhere to strict quality standards. The equipment failure rate consistently remains below the industry standard for new products. These partners back their equipment with a one-year or three-year warranty and guarantee it to be clean, free of major defects, and in working order upon arrival. They clean equipment inside and out, replace missing and broken parts, and rigorously test each product.

Like most refurbished computer programs, CDI categorizes equipment based on its condition.

Condition A: The product meets the highest functional and cosmetic standards of refurbished equipment.

Condition B: The product may have cosmetic defects that do not affect its operability. Typical cosmetic defects include wear on keyboards and hand-rest areas, minor screen blemishes, and scratches and nicks on the outer case.

All CDI equipment is Condition A unless we specify Condition B in the product name and description.