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Adobe for Nonprofits at TechSoup Canada FAQs


Adobe for Nonprofits at TechSoup Canada offers Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements Bundle. The Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) discount program offers access to discounted rates of CC subscriptions (providing your nonprofit with access to other popular suites like Illustrator and InDesign).

  • General - What is the Adobe for Nonprofits at TechSoup Canada?; My Adobe password doesn't work!
  • Eligibility - How can I find out if my organization is eligible?
  • Ordering - How many products can I request?
  • Processing - How soon will we receive the donation?
  • Reinstallation - How to reinstall your Adobe product
  • License Renewals - What should I do if I need to renew my licences?
  • Refunds & Returns - What should I do if I want to return my order?
  • More About Adobe - How do I learn more about Adobe?

For answers to general questions about the TechSoup Canada Program, including registration and placing an order, please see TechSoup Canada FAQs.


What is the Adobe for Nonprofits at TechSoup Canada?

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. The company's award-winning technologies and software have redefined business, entertainment, and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content that engages people anywhere at anytime. For more than 20 years, Adobe has been not only a technological innovator, but also a respected employer and steadfast community partner. Adobe supports strategic programmes and partnerships that help make communities better, stronger, and more vibrant places to live, work, and do business by providing cash grants and in-kind contributions, including donated software, volunteer support, and software training for nonprofit organizations. 

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My Adobe Password Doesn't Work!

In December 2012, the password used to access (Adobe's download site) was changed for TechSoup Canada members. If you received your donation's fulfillment email from us any time before this date, your old password won't work anymore. Please email us to get the new one! 

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How can I find out if my organization is eligible?

Please see Adobe Program - Eligibility Criteria for further information.

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How many products can I request?

Eligible organizations may request up to a total of eight Adobe licenses per fiscal year (1st July to 30th June). Please note, donations of access to discounted rates for Adobe's Creative Cloud subscriptions are not counted towards these restrictions. For information on placing an order, please see the How do I place an order? section of our FAQ page. For information other donation restrictions, please see our How Much Can I Order?  page. 

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How soon will we receive the donation?

Once your credit card order has been accepted and processed, the normal turnaround time for license requests is up to 5 days.

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How to Reinstall your Adobe Product

To install or reinstall one of the Adobe products below, please follow these instructions. Please note, if you have not previously ordered an Adobe product, you can place a new order through our catalogue.

  • Creative Suite CS6 | CS5.5 | CS5 | CS4 | CS3
  • Acrobat Pro 2017, XI, X | 9, 8
  • Photoshop Elements 11, 10 | 9, 8, 7
  • Premiere Elements 11, 10 | 9
Step One: Select Your Product

Go to Adobe’s Support Website and select the software title and version that you ordered through TechSoup Canada. Please ensure the software title matches your donation exactly.

If you are unsure of which version you purchased, please refer to the donation email sent from <> or log into your TechSoup Canada account and have a look at your past orders under “My Account”, by clicking on the “Request History” tab.

Below you’ll find a sample of this process, for the software "Adobe Creative Suite 6". 

Step Two: Download the File

Select and Download the installation file(s) matching your platform. You will need to download each file listed for your program under Mac OS or Windows, depending on your computer's operating system. 

Requirements for CS 6 download are listed, with instructions to scroll down and expand the CS6 Design & Web Premium drop-down section (with blue arrow highlighted in red and red arrows pointing to the CS6 download files)

Step Three: Installation

  1. Once these files have finished downloading, open up your Downloads folder and find the most recently downloaded file in the download list. The file's name will usually include the name of your software.
  2. Double-click on the smaller file (if are multiple files), which will open up an installation wizard to guide you through the installation process.
  3. Follow the instructions within the installation wizard. 
Step Four: Activate the Product

At the time of your purchase you will have received an email containing the license key and instructions to install the software. 

  • This donation email was sent from <>. 
  • The subject line of this email was either "Your Adobe Donation" or "Your Adobe Request #*******" through TechSoup Canada".

If you cannot find this email, please contact us at <> and provide the Request ID (or Order Number) of your Adobe order -- we will be happy to resend you a copy of the email with your serial number. Your Request ID can be found within the “Request History” section of your TechSoup Canada account. Please Note: We can only deliver licensing information to the organisational / software delivery email  address on file, on the domain belonging to the organization.

During the installation, a dialog box may appear with an option to either: enter your Adobe ID and your serial number (license key) or to use the product on a trial basis. Do not select the trial option. Please also note, your Adobe ID is not the Login ID listed in the donation email. Rather, your Adobe ID was likely created by someone at your organisation when originally accessing this donation. 

If your organisation does not have an Adobe ID, you can create one now. Once you have entered your Adobe ID, enter your license key. If you accidentally choose to run the product in trial mode, you will not be able to enter the license key until after the trial period expires.

Still Running Into Trouble? -- Common Installation Issues

Here are some common problems that arise when installing Adobe software:

1) A version of the Adobe product is already installed on the computer and is blocking the new installation.

The previously installed version is usually a trial version or a set of old application files from an uninstalled Adobe program that are still present somewhere on your computer.

This problem can usually be solved by using an Adobe “cleaner” tool to wipe all traces of an existing Adobe application off your computer:

Adobe has produced cleaner tools for both Acrobat/Reader and Creative Suite/Creative Cloud

2) The serial number is invalid.

This is usually a result of someone at your organisation having already used the serial number for your donation to activate an Adobe program in the past. You may want to ask around at your organization, as anyone using this same software could have activated their copy using this serial number. 

If that is not the case, try Adobe’s set of troubleshooting tips.

Are you still having issues resolving the situation? At this point, we'd suggest contacting Adobe to confirm you have the correct serial number for your software. Adobe support may no longer be available for all programs.

Further support is not available for this program.

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License Renewals

What should I do if I need to renew my licences?

No annual renewal of these licenses is required. Adobe Acrobat XI licenses are yours to use in perpetuity, without any ongoing fee, and although Adobe will be ending their support for Acrobat XI in October of 2017, your software will continue to function uninterupted. Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements (PEPE) 15 licenses provided as a donation will expire on November 30, 2021. Please consult our catalogue for current offers at that time to replace or update your editing software.

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Refunds & Returns

What should I do if I want to return my order?

Returns, refunds, and exchanges are not offered for this product. We must consider these programs installed and in-use as soon as the request is approved and the order has been processed.

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More about Adobe

How do I learn more about Adobe?

Please visit the Adobe donor profile or visit Adobe's site directly.

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