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Past Newsletters

04/21/2016 - How can our sector embrace accessibility?
03/24/2016 - Your Nonprofit Needs to Succeed Online
02/25/2016 - Nonprofits have an Inherent Branding Advantage
01/21/2016 - Let's Help Your Nonprofit get Tech-Trendy


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November 2015: Are You Meeting Your Subscriber's Needs?

September 2015: Improve your digital marketing efforts with video resources

August 2015: Tips and Best Practices for Safe Computing

July 2015: All you need to know about Internet safety

June 2015: An Essential Guide to Crowdfunding for Nonprofits 

May 2015: Tech Tools for Nonprofits

April 2015: Graphic Design Tips & Tricks for Nonprofits

March 2015: DIY Computer Troubleshooting Tips & More!

February 2015: Social Media Management Tools

January 2015: 10 Nonprofit Trends for 2015


December 2014: 10 Tech Tips from the Top Blogs of 2014

November 2014: Year-End Fundraising Tips & Tricks!

October 2014: Cloud Privacy Update and Working in Google for Nonprofits

September 2014: Be a better storyteller!

August 2014: 5 most popular blogs & guides of 2014 (so far!)

July 2014: How to Protect Your Sensitive Data AND Benefit from Using the Cloud

June 2014: Get Ready for CASL and Google for Nonprofits is Now in Canada

May 2014: It's TechSoup Battles! Google Forms vs FluidSurveys!

April 2014: Thar IT Blows! Learn about IT Security & Privacy Online

March 2014: Working in the Cloud

February 2014: CRM Case Studies for Nonprofits

January 2014: 5 Tech Trends for Nonprofits


December 2013: End of Year Fundraising Campaign Ideas

November 2013: TechSoup Battles - Office 365 vs Google Apps!

October 2013: Online Donation: How It Works

September 2013 - What you need to know about crowdfunding and which platform is right for your nonprofit

July 2013 - Learn how to set up a dashboard in minutes and impress your board & colleagues!

June 2013 - 7 Social Media Tips For Nonprofits

May 2013 - Project Management Tools in the Cloud: Huddle vs SmartSheet

April 2013 - Speak with Heart: Online Storytelling Strategies

March 2013 - Technology Planning - a guide to get you up & running

February 2013 - Cutting Through the Social Media Clutter

January 2013 - Tech trends for 2013 & update from TechSoup Canada


December 2012 - Live Streaming and Online Meetings: What's it all about?

November 2012 - Make Your Website Work For You - A Review of Popular Content Management Systems for Nonprofits

October 2012 - Create a Tactical Tech Plan and Back Up Your Files with Norton 2013!

September 2012 - Mobile, Cloud Survey Results, Windows Server 2012 & more

August 2012 - GiftWorks, grants, text-to-donate and more

July 2012 - Save time by taking your document collaboration to the next level

June 2012 - What event registration tools do Jane and Tierney recommend?

May 2012 - Which e-newsletter tool is right for you?

April 2012 - Share your story with data

March 2012 - Get donated software to build your nonprofit

January 2012 - A new year brings exciting changes at TechSoup Canada


December 2011 -  IT Security on a Budget

November 2011 - Get Found Online (SEO strategies) & Volunteer Management

October 2011 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Cloud Computing

September 2011 -  Get ready for fundraising season with tools, tips & resources

August 2011 - Demistifying Remote Access

July 2011 - Managing Volunteers & Flip Cameras

June 2011 - Fiscal Year-End Reminder: Place Donation Requests Before June 30

June 2011 - Share your Story Online and Engage Your Supporters

May 2011 - Manage and Engage Stakeholders with CRM

April 2011 - Collaborate with your co-workers and be more productive