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A Walk in the Cloud - Is Cloud Computing Right for You?


Imagine if you could work from anywhere and collaborate with others: how would you work differently in your nonprofit? Cloud computing enables on-demand, convenient access to shared technology infrastructure and services that have traditionally been out of reach for many nonprofits.

This session will:
• Help you to decide if and when to use cloud computing in your organization.
• Provide examples of cloud computing tools in action, such as Google Docs, Prezi, Smartsheets, Dropbox, Diigo and Netvibes

We will cover:
• Why the cloud is a powerful tool for nonprofits
• Common questions about the cloud, including: is it secure? will it save me money?

Resources: We've compiled several resources to help you learn more about the topics discussed in the webinar in this Further Reading document.

Note: this is a public Google Document - you don't need a Google Account to access it. Feel free to add other cloud resources that aren't mentioned here. This is sharing in the cloud in action!

As well, answers to common questions from the webinar are now available.


What is the cloud?

How does the cloud change how you work?

How does the cloud change how you manage IT?

How do you get started?


Webinar Date: Thursday October 27, 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm (EDT)