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Microsoft Donation Program ─ Eligibility, Allotments and Returns

This page describes the types of organizations that are eligible for Microsoft products through TechSoup Canada and the frequency and quantity allotments per organization.

  1. Organization Types That Are Eligible for Microsoft Products
  2. Refunds and Returns

Organization Types That Are Eligible for Microsoft Products

Microsoft products are available to nonprofits registered with their respective province or territory and to charities registered with Canada’s Revenue Agency (CRA). Some types of organizations are not eligible. Please see Microsoft's full eligibility guidelines for more details.

Special Rules for Public Libraries

Public libraries may request Microsoft products through this program for public-access computers only. Donated software is available only for use on public access computers or computers used directly in the management of the public access computers or the library's public access program.  

Participating libraries must also make their collection and basic services available to the population of their legal service area without charges to individual users (excluding incidental fees such as printing charges). If they so choose, libraries may impose charges on users outside the legal service area, and they may provide products and services (beyond basic services) to the public at large, with or without individual charges.

Refunds and Returns

If you want to return or exchange any of the Microsoft donated product you've received, you will need to return the entire Microsoft portion of your request and place a new request for the Microsoft items you want. 

Since all Microsoft products are downloaded-only, returns will be accepted only if none of the software has been installed, and you received the donation no more than 60 days previously. 

If you want to return or exchange your Microsoft Software donation, please notify TechSoup Canada Customer Service of the impending return by contacting us.

The donation limits on your account will normally be reset within eight business days after a return is complete.

Note that Get Genuine Windows products have different policies than products available through the standard Microsoft Donation Program.