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PagerDuty Impact Pricing for Nonprofits.

PagerDuty's platform for digital operations management empowers teams to orchestrate a cross-functional response in seconds.

Whether you provide a suicide and safety hotline, disaster relief, or time-critical healthcare, PagerDuty ensures you're never caught off guard. The platform allows you to collect data signals from anywhere, quickly interpret these signals, engage the right people to respond in real-time, and accelerate resolution and learning. Even if your tech team is small, you can use PagerDuty to gain visibility over your entire organization's digital services and to improve systems and processes over time.

Through PagerDuty's Impact Pricing program, eligible nonprofit organizations can receive ten (10) free licenses for Platform Team, as well as access to customized learning programs and industry-leading events.

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This offer is available to our community directly through PagerDuty, and it is made possible in part by TechSoup Validation Services. Learn more about how TechSoup works with leading companies to bring offers like this one to the nonprofit sector.

Learn How PagerDuty Helps Nonprofits Save Lives

See how The Trevor Project stays always-on to save lives with PagerDuty.


"Since adopting PagerDuty, our IT team's incident escalation and response process is reduced by roughly one hour for every urgent issue. The valuable minutes saved translate to approximately 10 additional people we're able to serve each month through the National Human Trafficking Hotline, a 24/7 crisis hotline that connects human trafficking victims and survivors to the services they need to get help and stay safe, and equips the anti-trafficking movement with tools and data to combat trafficking."

Nancy McGuire-Choi, COO, Polaris




"With PagerDuty, the PDC IT team receives alerts in real-time, allowing problems to be fixed quickly so people out in the field can act on real-time information rather than stale data that can potentially lead to more issues. Due to the speed of response that PagerDuty has afforded, PDC has seen a 50 percent reduction in IT incidents that affect users."

Mateo Manzari, Director of IT, Pacific Disaster Center