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Google Apps Tips: Google Docs Comments

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We are currently in the midst of our Technology Planning for Nonprofits series, and this month (April) our focus is on Collaboration & Productivity: spend time on what matters. So far we've hosted a Toronto Net Tuesday where we heard about the experiences of Timeraiser and Charity Village, and we wrote an article about SharePoint 2010, a popular collaboration tool to consider.

One of the tools that we use internally at TechSoup Canada to improve our collaboration and productivity is Google Apps. It's certainly not the only option but we like it because it is great for collaboration, hosts our email, integrates with other tools we use and is free (for organizations with less than 50 people). To help your nonprofit decide if Google Apps is right for you and learn about using it in your organization, we:

Today's Google Apps tip is about commenting in Google Docs. Basic commenting is also a feature in desktop office products like Microsoft Word, so you will find it similar. Recently, however, Google Docs commenting has been updated so it's more of a discussion.

Why use comments?

It's fun!

This has always been a great feature, as it allows you to comment on something without having to put your text into the document with CAPITALS or *****stars***** around it to let people know it's a comment. Recently it has been improved to make it more of a conversation by allowing you to reply to comments.

Also new - you can now have general chats about a document without leaving Google Docs. To do this, click on the Discussion button in the top right. 

How to insert a comment:

Insert -> Comment:

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+ M (Cmd+Option+M for Mac) to insert a comment.