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Otter for Teams 1-Year Initial Subscription - Access to Discounted Rates

Minimum 3 users, billed annually
SKU: G-51565


Otter is an automated recording and transcription service that can be accessed through a web browser or mobile apps for iOS or Android.

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription for Otter for Teams for a minimum of three or more users at current rates.

Important information: After you request access to discounted rates through TechSoup Canada for $56, you'll pay directly for the first year of the discounted subscription at a 50 percent discounted rate. See the Details and Service Costs table for more information.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Otter to

  • Save time by generating transcriptions automatically from live audio or previously recorded audio and video
  • Enhance the accessibility of your audio or video content by creating transcriptions for individuals with impaired hearing, or with an auditory processing disorder

Major Capabilities

  • Record: Record and save audio using Otter on an iOS or Android phone or in a web browser. You can also import existing recordings or sync with other services.
  • Transcribe: Otter generates transcripts in real-time from live audio or previously recorded audio and video. While the transcript is being generated, you can scroll back through the transcript to review it and insert photos inline.
  • Review and edit: Edit transcripts to modify the text, tag speakers, add images, and more. After you identify a speaker the first time, Otter learns and automatically identifies that speaker in future recordings.
  • Search: Find transcripts based on automatically generated summary keywords and word clouds.
  • Export and share: Export audio as MP3 files and export transcripts as TXT, PDF, SRT, or plain text files. You can also share conversations online.

See a full list of features included with Otter for Teams.


Otter for Teams subscriptions includes priority email support and standard phone and online chat support.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Details and Service Costs

Discounted Rates

This offer provides access to a 50 percent discount on a one-year subscription to Otter for Teams for three or more users at current rates. After you request this offer through TechSoup Canada, you'll pay directly for the discounted subscription.
You can add users later as needed, and you will continue to receive your discount for any users you add.

Service Contract Required

You must agree to a one-year service contract with

Continuing Service After One Year

You may renew your subscription at a 50 percent discount by requesting the Otter for Teams subscription renewal product through TechSoup Canada each year before the subscription expires.
If you do not cancel or activate your discounted renewal before your subscription expires, you'll be charged full price for an additional year of service.

Existing Subscribers

Organizations with a current paid or free Otter subscriptions are eligible for this offer.

Previewing Otter

Otter offers a free Basic plan with limited features.

Credit Card Required

A credit card is needed to pay for discounted rates on's website.

* After ordering the product from TechSoup and receiving your order fulfillment email, you will have to pay the Subscription fee and the fees associated with any add-ons directly to the Donor Partner. Prices shown are calculated based on a percentage reduction on the Donor Partner’s rates. These prices are subject to change, please check the current rates on the Donor Partner’s website. Prices shown do not include taxes.  


  • An Internet connection is required to use Otter.
  • The Otter web app works best when used with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.
  • See Otter apps for iOS and Android.