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Learning Institute Certificate Series: All Eight Courses

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The Learning Institute Certificate series consists of eight courses, each covering a different aspect of nonprofit management. Each course presents standard nonprofit concepts, vocabulary, and strategies through a 90-minute video presentation. A downloadable participant guide reinforces the presentation and contains worksheets and an Organizational Assessment Tool to assist with post-training implementation. Courses take from six to nine hours to complete and are available online for one year.

Benefits for Organizations

If you lead or manage a nonprofit organization or public library, you can learn about the core competencies you need to be successful.

Courses in This Series

The series includes the following eight courses:

  • Strategic Planning: Formulating long- and short-term objectives based on the organization's vision and a realistic assessment of its current situation
  • Resource Development: Acquiring and retaining donors through relationship building; attracting various types of donors and moving them to higher levels of support
  • Board Governance: Determining what kind of board will best suit the organization; knowing how and where to find and recruit diverse board members; building board commitment to the organization's mission
  • Marketing: Developing a marketing plan that is based on understanding the organization's clients and constituents and that effectively employs all the resources available to the organization
  • Mission-Based Management: Assessing the organization's financial status and developing strategies to improve financial performance that are in line with the organization's values
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage programs with the goal of both social and financial return on investment
  • Volunteer Management: Determining the types of volunteers that best suit the organization and the roles they will play; finding and recruiting such volunteers and managing their relationships with paid employees
  • Strategic Alliances: Exploring a variety of cooperative arrangements between two or more parties in pursuit of mutual goals; implementing such arrangements for mutual benefit
Expert Teachers

The courses are prepared by academics, practitioners, and consultants who are all well-known and respected experts in their field.

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Certificate, CEUs, and CAE Credits Available

Participants can earn 0.6 of a continuing education unit (CEU) and 6 certified association executive (CAE) credits for each course by submitting a registration form and successfully completing assignments. Successful completion of assignments for the entire eight-part series entitles participants to the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the Society for Nonprofits and Michigan State University Extension.

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