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Sumac Gold

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Sumac is powerful software designed specifically for nonprofits. It offers a complete solution for: 

Alternatively, you can choose the Add-ons you need to create a solution tailored for your needs, including a Custom Add-on which we will build to track data unique to your organization. 

This donation covers all first-year software fees for Sumac Gold (including the Basic CRM and Add- ons). Additional services like Data Migration, Website Integration, and Sumac Cloud can be ordered directly through Sumac for an additional fee. 

Benefits for Organizations

  • A single database to manage all of your data and operations. 
  • Choose any number of Add-ons
  • Robust configuration and customization options. 
  • Online donation pages that work directly with your database. 
  • Host database on your desktop or in the cloud-based server
  • Accounting integration. 

Major Capabilities

Sumac can do as much or as little as you like. Here are some of the areas you may choose to use it for:

  • Fundraising - Track donor data and issue receipts with ease. Sumac also offers online donation pages, and tools like Prospecting and Proposals to take your fundraising to the next level. 
  • Case Management - Track client information, service delivery, and run outcome-based reports for human service organizations. 
  • Membership Management - Automate applications, payments and renewals to save time, and allow membership functions on your website. 
  • Volunteer Management - Track volunteers' qualifications and availability, assign tasks with ease, record effort spent and follow up with personalized communication. 
  • Customization - Track data unique to your organization with the Custom Add-on 
  • Reporting - Run reports in a few clicks with hundreds of built-in, and pre-defined reports.

Sumac Gold Details

Capacity: up to 30,000 contacts in the database.
Users: 10 simultaneous users. 
Modules: Choose any number of Add-ons. (Please note: only choose the Add-ons you need, as you will have to pay the renewal fee for each Add-on when the donation period is over) 

Subscription & Renewals

This donation covers all first-year software fees (including the Basic CRM and Add-ons), online training, 2 hours of personal training, unlimited phone and email support, and automatic updates. 

Services like Data Migration, Website Integration, and Sumac Cloud can be ordered directly through Sumac for an additional fee. After the first year, you must renew your entire subscription directly through Sumac. 

Please note: This donation is only for first-time users of Sumac who have never purchased Sumac or received a donation from Sumac through TechSoup Canada.


Phone and email support is included at no additional charge with every installation of Sumac. Updates and upgrades are also free, and installed automatically. 

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product can not be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

Once your donation is approved, you’ll get an email from TechSoup. You’ll also get an email from Sumac that will link you to an order form where you can choose your Add-ons and additional services like Data Migration, Website Integration, and Sumac Cloud. 


Once you've been approved for a donation of Sumac Gold, you’ll need to migrate your data into your new database. Sumac highly recommends the use of its Data Migration service to do this. The Data Migration service also includes customization of your Sumac database. 


For more information, see Sumac technical requirements