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TechSoup Battles: Tierney Reviews Hootsuite

As one of the well established tools for social media management that caters to small and medium sized organizations, I knew I’d want to take a look at Hootsuite for this challenge. They’re also a Canadian company, which is always a bonus!

TechSoup Battles: Social Media Management Tools

You want to engage your supporters, volunteers and donors on social media, but juggling between each of your nonprofit’s accounts can be challenging. You’ve already committed to posting every hour on Twitter, every day on Facebook, daily pinning on Pinterest, posting weekly videos on YouTube and we haven’t even mentioned your Tumblr, Instagram and Vine accounts. Talk about a time management nightmare!

Storytelling for Success: A Look at Three Crowdfunding Campaigns

What draws you to one crowdfunding campaign over another? Is it an inspiring video? Cool photos? A great story? Perhaps it is a combination of a few different storytelling elements. Our Storymakers 2014 challenge kicks off August 26, so to get you inspired, I've compiled some great examples of digital storytelling in crowdfunding campaigns.

3 Social Media Fundraising Challenges (+How to Fix Them)

A lot of nonprofits use social media to boost their fundraising efforts, but more often than not it doesn’t work. What gives?

4 Ideas About Social Media for Nonprofits

I was able to get the chance to attend Artez’s conference about online fundraising campaigns. In addition to the workshop I hosted, Data, data and more data... what to do with it all? (slides are posted here), I had the pleasure of hearing from many great speakers. Here are four of the ideas and insights that stuck most with me:

Does your social media need CPR?


Do people love your nonprofit in real life, but no one “likes” it on Facebook? Does your name come up often in your community, but not on Twitter? You’ve tried to get social media up and going for your nonprofit, but it feels like a lost cause…

7 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits (+ We try them out!)

Recently I attended a Donate & Learn event on social media and search engine marketing. I’ve made a list of my favourite tips. To prove that these are doable I’ve tried each of them out myself and shared the results where possible.

Human Rights, Technology and Movement Building Around the World

Most of us see technology an essential tool,something that helps us do our jobs, implement our programs and reach our supporters; it is a tool that allows us to influence change. But rarely do we stop to think about technology as more than a tool, but as itself a powerful mechanism of change.

Memes and Nonprofits: Fun With The Internet

By using images traditionally found in a meme but catering the message, to communicate a part of your organization’s mission statement or to promote an upcoming initiative, you’re able to craft a message that is quickly understood, seldom forgotten and frequently shared. It’s a win-win situation with an extra win.

If I could share 1 thing I've learned about using social media for nonprofits...

Social media apps
In the crazy and confusing world that social media can be (especially when you’re just getting started), what should you be keeping in mind? Earlier this week I put out the call on Facebook and Twitter to get advice from some of the people in our community who know best - because they live it every day!

I asked: “If I could share 1 thing I've learned about using social media for nonprofits, it would be: _______”