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Event Planning

3 Challenges of Virtual Events (And How to Surpass Them!)

In recent months, nonprofits, for-profits, and associations alike have all had to quickly pivot operations for greater virtual accessibility and communications. As you’re likely already aware, this was due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fundraising efforts had to be rescheduled and working from home became the new normal. All events had to be canceled, postponed, or altered— something that represented a huge challenge for organizations large and small.

How to Plan and Host an Effective Nonprofit Event

Events are not just a gathering of people - they are stories you tell to the world. They are a way to elevate conversations around the topics that you are focused on, engage new people, and encourage active participation. As a result, doors for collaborative opportunities can open and/or the laying down of a framework for meaningful action to take place.

Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech

A lot of nonprofit event managers and coordinators have to wear multiple hats. On top of planning conferences, fundraising events, workshops and other program events, event specialists still have to handle 1,000 other things at their nonprofit. How can they manage events and stay on top of everything else? There is no simple solution, but there are some technologies that can help.

A Few Good Tools for Ticketed Events

Ticketing Tools Let Your Nonprofit Sell Tickets, Assign Seating, and Track Attendance

By: Kyle Henri Andrei

September 24, 2012

TechSoup Battles: Jane's Eventbrite Review

Planning events requires patience, attention to detail, excellent organization skills, and most of all time: the most precious resource that most people don’t have these days. What I need is a tool than can streamline the process for me so I can focus on the event content to ensure its success. Eventbrite is it.

TechSoup Battles: Simple event registration with Guestlist

When I'm planning an event, my needs are pretty typical - so for our second challenge, I decided to choose an event registration tool that was simple and easy to use. After some research and thinking about what I'm looking for, I settled on Guestlist.

TechSoup Battles: The Event Registration Challenge

Do you organize events as part of your work? Whether it be fundraisers, programming, training, conferences or volunteer appreciation parties, there’s many types of events that nonprofits and charities run. Having a good event registration tool can go a long way to keeping things organized and creating a smooth registration process for your attendees. But which tool to use? There’s so many out there that Jane and I decided to tackle this for our second challenge.

A Few Good Event-Registration Tools

These days, most participants expect to be able to register for events online. Luckily, there are lots of tools to help with that, ranging from simple to sophisticated and all the way to multi-functional. In this update of an article first published in 2007, we asked a number of nonprofit technology professionals what online registration tools have worked for them.

Live Streaming your Event on a Limited Budget - Maytree's Story


Note from Tierney: This is the second blog post in our series about live streaming events. To find out a different approach to live streaming - with multiple backup options for participants - read Heath Nexus' live streaming story.

Marco CampanaBy: Marco Campana, Communications Strategist, Maytree

How to Live Stream your Event - Health Nexus' Story

Note from Tierney: Live streaming is a great way to reach your supporters & members who are geographically distributed, and we're seeing more and more nonprofits interested in learning about how it works. We're posting this blog from Melissa and another blog coming up soon to provide two different perspectives/approaches to live streaming from nonprofits who've tried it for themselves. Have your own experience you'd like to share? Get in touch!