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Working Remotely

COVID-19: How Nonprofits Can Establish Effective Telecommuting Practices

Many workplaces are either encouraging or mandating that employees work from home in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus as well as to protect those who are most vulnerable to contagion. Here at TechSoup Canada, we’ve put together a preliminary round up of recommendations and resources to help support the nonprofit sector during this important transition.

4 Free Tools for Your Nonprofit Tech Team

I feel it’s only fitting for me to wrap up ths February Freebies series by sharing four free tools that can help your nonprofit tech team identify threats, manage your nonprofit’s user accounts, remotely troubleshoot your computers and keep track of your IT inventory.

Create your own personalized video conference experience with CallBridge

TechSoup Canada is thrilled to announce that CallBridge, one of the world’s most advanced video conferencing solutions, is now available through TechSoup Canada. 

Callbridge is a video and audio conferencing platform that enables seamless online meetings and conference calls. Callbridge works on mobile and desktop devices and in hardware-equipped meeting rooms. 

Connect your nonprofit to the people who matter most with Zoom!

Zoom logoTechSoup Canada is thrilled to announce that Zoom, one of the world’s most popular video conferencing platforms, is now a donor partner. Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing platform with a comprehensive suite of features that enable deep collaboration. High Definition video and an intuitive interface create a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile users.

Your Nonprofit Needs a Wiki: How to Revitalize Your Knowledge Management

Does your nonprofit have turnover in volunteers or staff that sometimes results in lost organizational knowledge? Do you have remote staff or volunteers emailing each other for basic instructions or process guidelines? Does onboarding new staff or volunteers take time because instructions can be hard to remember or documentation becomes easily outdated?

TechSoup Battles: Tierney's Huddle Review

Is your organization working for a better way to coordinate your work in an online, flexible way? In this Jane vs. Tierney review on project management tools, I’ll be looking at Huddle.

TechSoup Battles: OneDrive Review

OneDrive for document collaboration? Even for those of you that have heard of Microsoft's OneDrive, you would probably know it as a file sharing tool instead of document collaboration. However, in this blog I would like to share with you how OneDrive with (or without) Microsoft Office can be a great document collaboration tool.

TechSoup Battles: Collaborating in real time with Google Docs

Imagine this: you write up a draft of a grant proposal, and save it. Your finger twitches towards your email so you can send it to your colleague Bob for review, but instead you stop yourself and share the file instead. Bob gets an automatic email notification and opens up the document...

The simple way to access your computer remotely

Man in coffee shop with laptopAre you ever at home and wish you could open a magic window to your work computer? If you have VPN or you can access your applications online through the cloud then you already have that magic window. For everyone else, it turns out there is a pretty simple and easy way to get that magic window – GoToMyPC.

Email in the Cloud: A Google Apps Case Study

Are you frustrated with your current email system, or find it’s costing too much to maintain? Thinking of moving some stuff to the cloud but not sure where to start? Interested in Google Apps but not sure how it would fit in your organization?