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How to Assess your IT Needs and Implement Technology at your Nonprofit

Technology projects are a big undertaking for nonprofits, especially when budgeting is tight. However, any organization can perform a tech self-assessment with the guidance in this post, and better understand the shortcomings of their networks and their future technology needs.

3 Must-Know Tips for a Successful Google Ads Campaign: Free Webinar

Did you know that as a registered nonprofit or charity you are eligible for $10,000/month in Google Adwords? Awesome, right? So how do you maximize your impact with all these free Google goodies?

TechSoup Battles: Tierney Reviews FluidSurveys

There are many reasons why your nonprofit might want to use a survey, from getting donor input to conducting research to inform your mission and programming or asking for feedback from volunteers or program participants. In this review, we’ll take a look at how FluidSurveys works and how it can support you in reaching these goals.

TechSoup Battles: Joyce Reviews Google Forms

There are a lot of free survey tools out there, but Google Forms takes the cake. It’s free, easy to use, integrates with Google apps, supports unlimited amounts of surveys, survey pages, questions and virtually unlimited form submissions. Survey themes for Google Forms are somewhat lacking but still plentiful, and it’s easy to share the survey to participants.

TechSoup Battles: Online Survey Tool Challenge

Your nonprofit wants you to find an online survey tool so they can send a survey. Sounds simple enough, but then it gets complicated. Should you use Survey Monkey, Wufoo or SurveyGizmo? What features make Key Survey different than Polldaddy? Is SoGoSurvey more user-friendly than KwikSurveys? In just three sentences, we named seven online survey tools ─ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Use Online Surveys to Get the Feedback You Need to Succeed

Tools and best practices for conducting web surveys

This article was adapted from TechSoup

By: Yann Toledano

February 1, 2011

What do your constituents think about your programs and services? What kinds of activities are your donors likely to fund? Should your organization initiate a new program?

A Few Good Online Survey Tools for Your Nonprofit

Out of free, low-cost, and advanced online survey tools, one will be right for your nonprofit

By: Idealware

March 1, 2011

Friday Feed - Great resources from the web - June 17, 2011

In order to stay up to date on what's going on in the world of technology - and nonprofit technology in particular - I follow quite a few blogs and twitter feeds. There's a lot of great content out there but if you don't have the time to stay on top of things (and even if you do!) it can be overwhelming. So, for those of you who have less time to do all this "listening" on nonprofit technology, I'm posting a blog each Friday with the top resources I found in the last week.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Online Communication

How to optimize the time spent on social media for your nonprofit or library

By: Laura S. Quinn

July 13, 2010