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COVID-19: How Nonprofits Can Establish Effective Telecommuting Practices

Many workplaces are either encouraging or mandating that employees work from home in an attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus as well as to protect those who are most vulnerable to contagion. Here at TechSoup Canada, we’ve put together a preliminary round up of recommendations and resources to help support the nonprofit sector during this important transition.

Create your own personalized video conference experience with CallBridge

TechSoup Canada is thrilled to announce that CallBridge, one of the world’s most advanced video conferencing solutions, is now available through TechSoup Canada. 

Callbridge is a video and audio conferencing platform that enables seamless online meetings and conference calls. Callbridge works on mobile and desktop devices and in hardware-equipped meeting rooms. 

Connect your nonprofit to the people who matter most with Zoom!

Zoom logoTechSoup Canada is thrilled to announce that Zoom, one of the world’s most popular video conferencing platforms, is now a donor partner. Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing platform with a comprehensive suite of features that enable deep collaboration. High Definition video and an intuitive interface create a seamless experience for both desktop and mobile users.

10 Steps for Planning a Successful Webinar

If your organization needs to share information long-distance but has limited education and travel funds, webinars can help you save money and provide more services to your constituents. Nonprofits and libraries can use webinars for training, sharing information about a new product or service, or promoting a program. There are many tools that make it easy for any organization to host a webinar, even with limited technology expertise. Below, we'll outline some of the major steps you can take to plan quality, affordable webinars at your organization.

3 Must-Know Tips for a Successful Google Ads Campaign: Free Webinar

Did you know that as a registered nonprofit or charity you are eligible for $10,000/month in Google Adwords? Awesome, right? So how do you maximize your impact with all these free Google goodies?

Web Conferencing 101 for Nonprofits

Web conferencing is a great, cost-effective way for nonprofits to connect with fellow colleagues, Board members, supporters and prospects without the need for you or your participants to travel. In this article, we’ll cover everything your nonprofit needs to know about virtual meetings, including what they are, how to get started, and choosing the right tool that suits your needs.

Citrix introduces new technology discount program for members!

Exciting news! Citrix is offering a second discounted technology program for eligible charities, nonprofits and libraries. The Expanded Eligibility Program provides access to a 50% discount on a one-year subscription for new GoToWebinar and/or GoToAssist users at Citrix's current rates.

Web conferencing, webinars, webcasts, live streams, and what else?

Video conferencing

Over the last year, I have been exploring a wide range of technological means by which arts associations can hold business meetings and deliver professional development at a good cost-to-benefits ratio. Beyond conducting some research and experimenting with online collaboration and communication technologies, I devoted significant time to sharing what I had learnt with others. This sums up my learning.

Online Meetings with GoToMeeting - TechSoup Canada’s Story

As the Canadian partner in the global TechSoup network, meeting in person is rarely an option - we rely on online meetings for our communications. This is especially important for our current project to update our website. For this project, we’re working with the TechSoup development team in Poland, and in order to manage the project efficiently we need to have frequent online meetings to check in on the project status and make sure we are communicating clearly. In these meetings we need to be able to talk to each other for free (i.e. no long distance costs), chat (e.g.

Posting GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar recordings on YouTube

At TechSoup Canada we use GoToWebinar to run our webinars, and we've been very happy with the tool so far. When we ran our webinar last month (on technology planning for nonprofits) we recorded the session so we could post it and give others access. One small hitch - when we tried to upload the file to YouTube, it just wouldn't work quite right. Here's the story of how we fixed it, as we know that other nonprofits may well find themselves in a similar situation.