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Data Visualization

Take your first step into data visualization with Microsoft’s Power BI

Power BI is a collection of business intelligence and data visualization tools by Microsoft. With Power BI, you can take data from virtually any source (Excel, or other third party databases) and transform them into interactive dashboards and visually immersive reports. It’s user-friendly, offers intuitive drag-and-drop features, boasts robust functionality, and has self-service capabilities, making it one of the best data viz solutions for nonprofits.

Visualizing Impact: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Data Sets

Visualizing Impact Case StudyTechSoup Canada member Visualizing Impact (VI) is a pioneer in the field of visual storytelling. This case study on VI offers lessons about using data to tell visual stories that compel real action. 

Visualize your data with Tableau

Tableau is an award-winning software that specializes in making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. Used by more than 29,000 companies worldwide across every industry, Tableau is not only powerful, but extremely user-friendly. You can use Tableau to produce and share visual representations of any data your organization collects!

TechSoup Battles: Jane's review of Zoho Reports

This review is part of the Jane vs Tierney series. Find out what it's all about and check out our previous challenges on email newsletters, online event registration, document collaboration and team project management. This review is part of our fifth challenge, on dashboard tools.

TechSoup Battles:Tierney tests SAP Dashboards

What did I think of Dashboards? Quick summary: at first it seemed unintuitive and I got a bit frustrated, but after watching some tutorial videos I was able to make the tool work for me and produce a really neat interactive dashboard.

Remember Paint by Number? SAP Lumira: A Visual Treat for Reporting Data

SAP Lumira software takes massive amounts of data and transforms it into colorful, easy-to-grasp visual displays. Moreover, the application itself is as simple to use as painting by number. So it saves users time because they won't need IT to help with a database every time and won't spend hours fine-tuning a spreadsheet.

Data analysis is for everyone! A short intro to pivot tables


There are a lot of fancy tools out there for data analysis - some of which are extremely complex, and some of which are actually fairly simple to use and set up. If you are looking to take the next baby step along the road to using your data to make better decisions, a good place to start might be to take a second look at the good old spreadsheet. Spreadsheet programs have a lot of data analysis tools built right in, and today I want to discuss a lesser-known (in my experience) but extremely powerful feature: pivot tables! 

Friday Feed on April 13, 2012: Data visualization, everyday innovation and more

Things have been exciting recently at TechSoup Canada, as I just got back from a trip to San Francisco where I got to meet colleagues from TechSoup and attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) hosted annually by NTEN. Back in the office, it was all hands on deck as we worked to make sure all of you could get your orders in and processed by the end of March (end of fiscal year for many nonprofits in Canada). 

Visual Presentations Made Easy

Do you need to put together an organization chart? Need a flowchart for training new employees and volunteers about a certain work process? How about a map of your computer network? Or maybe you want to distribute your notes from a recent brainstorming session in an attractive, easy-to-read visual format?

Friday Feed on July 20, 2012: Infographics, volunteer management, memes and more

So I've been slipping a bit when it comes to the Friday Feed, but reading this post from Tools for Change encouraged me to try to post a bit more regularly (since it's been 3 months since the last one, that shouldn't be too hard!). Anyway get excited - I have some great stuff in store for you this week.