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Three Best Practices for Using Technology

It's the start of a new year and we've just looked at five high-tech trends and five nonprofit tech trends. While it's fun predicting all the trends in technology, we believe it's also important to remember best practices to ensure we use technology effectively. Here are three best practices that are essential to a nonprofit’s success:

Five Nonprofit Tech Trends

While it’s very interesting to follow all the high-tech trends, it’s highly unlikely for trends such as virtual reality, wearable technologies and assistive robotic technologies to impact your nonprofit’s day-to-day operations in 2014. So here’s our predictions of tech trends that should be top of mind for nonprofits:

Five Tech Trends for 2014

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it’s hard at times for nonprofits keep up and determine which tech trends are worth their investment. To help nonprofits start the new year right, Jane Zhang (ED of TechSoup Canada and Director of Online Services at the Centre for Social Innovation) highlighted five cutting-edge tech trends to follow, five important trends nonprofits should embrace in 2014, and three best practices for using technology.

Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech

A lot of nonprofit event managers and coordinators have to wear multiple hats. On top of planning conferences, fundraising events, workshops and other program events, event specialists still have to handle 1,000 other things at their nonprofit. How can they manage events and stay on top of everything else? There is no simple solution, but there are some technologies that can help.

Office 365 for Nonprofits: Lunch & Learn Recap

Office 365, one of the leading solutions for bringing operations to the cloud, is now available at a discount for nonprofits and charities in Canada. To understand the impact of Office 365 on the Canadian nonprofit sector, Microsoft and TechSoup Canada hosted a lunch & learn to discuss Office 365 and its capabilities.

Intro to Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding has grown increasingly popular in the nonprofit sector over the past few years, thanks to the Internet and crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The question on every non-profit, charity and fundraiser’s mind is “can crowdfunding really raise a lot of money for my cause?” The answer is yes - if you do it properly.

4 Ideas About Social Media for Nonprofits

I was able to get the chance to attend Artez’s conference about online fundraising campaigns. In addition to the workshop I hosted, Data, data and more data... what to do with it all? (slides are posted here), I had the pleasure of hearing from many great speakers. Here are four of the ideas and insights that stuck most with me:

Take the Next Step with Data Sharing for Nonprofits

Your organization is already tracking and collecting data -- how much money you raised, how many supporters you have, donor relationships, mission statistics, etc. -- but have you considered freely sharing your data? The open data movement is rapidly gaining support, so it’s time to learn what it is and how it impacts your organization.

Human Rights, Technology and Movement Building Around the World

Most of us see technology an essential tool,something that helps us do our jobs, implement our programs and reach our supporters; it is a tool that allows us to influence change. But rarely do we stop to think about technology as more than a tool, but as itself a powerful mechanism of change.

Tales & tips from our first "Social Media Surgery"

As the (new) saying goes, when it comes to social media “if you’re an expert today, you won’t be an expert tomorrow.”