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Making the Most of Your Email List

Email isn’t dead yet - it’s still an important tool for engaging your supporters. And whether you have an email list of 12 or 120,000, there’s always room for improving how you engage these supporters. At our June Toronto Net Tuesday, Eric Squair joined us to share what he’s learned from years of experience on email campaigns with organizations such as Greenpeace Canada and Make Poverty History. He focused on two main areas: how to grow your email list, and how to keep people reading what you send them.

Toronto Net Tuesday Recap: Share Your Story Through Data

Have data? Don't have data? Have too much data? If you are anything like me and have lots of excel spreadsheets but not sure what to do with them or how to give them shape, then this Net Tuesday provides some great insights and easy tools to help you get started with sharing your story through data.

The evening begins with a fun exercise: Let's determine where you fit in the "Five Stages of Mearsurement Acceptance". Be honest now...are you in:

Online Storytelling — How to Plan & Produce a Compelling Video

Does your organization have great stories to tell — but lack the skills required to plan and produce compelling videos to post online?

Last week’s Toronto Net Tuesday was all about using video to communicate your stories to the world.